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channel management

What is Channel Management

Whenever you are running a business, it becomes essential to know what channel management is. Before you can implement any channel management strategy, you need to get through with what channel management is. 

When you are running a small hotel, you would have heard a lot about channel management. If you execute channel management in the right way, then it will help you in increasing your bookings, and also generating additional revenue for your bed and breakfast or inn.

Before moving ahead, let us have a look at the channel management definition to understand the concept in a better way.

Definition of Channel Management

The term channel management is very much used in the field of sales marketing. Channel Management can be defined as a process where the company generates several sales strategies as well as marketing techniques in order to reach the most number of customers. Channels are nothing by certain outlets or ways for marketing as well as selling products. Every organization’s ultimate goal is to enhance the relationship between the customers and the products.

What do you mean by Channel Management?

Channel Management is the way toward overseeing the distribution channels available online to sell the stock of hotels to different operators over the globe. It is the best way to contact a worldwide crowd without gambling overbookings adequately. 

Channel Management permits you to band together with huge operators, for example, OTAs, and also several retailer specialists in various markets. 

Utilizing a pooled stock model implies that you’re selling, however, as many rooms as could be expected under the circumstances – through whatever number channels as possible – without the danger of overbooking. 

Your stock is refreshed naturally over the entirety of your channels, with the goal that visitors have precise data regardless of where they are reserving from.

Channel Management can be used to create a program that will help the businesses in selling as well as providing services to the clients of each channel. The point is to smooth out the correspondence between a business and the client. To do this, you have to section your channels as per the qualities of your clients: their necessities, purchasing behaviors, achievement factors, etc. and afterward modify a program that incorporates objectives, arrangements, items, deals, and showcasing programs. 

  1. The main aim of the channel management is to create a direct correspondence with all the clients in each channel. In the event that the organization can adequately accomplish this objective, the administration will have a superior thought about which advertising channel best suits that specific client base. The procedures utilized in each channel could be unique; however, the general system should consistently mark the business reliably all through the correspondence.
  2. A business must figure out what it looks for from each channel and furthermore, unmistakably characterize the system for every one of those channels to produce desired outcomes. When you differentiate the population that has been connected to every channel, it becomes easy to understand the best items that can be pitched to those channels.

What are Channel Management Solutions?

Whenever you recognize the channel management solutions, you need to have an all-encompassing perspective. Correspondence internally as well as externally is the way to fruitful channel management.

When you look forward to channel management solutions, there are several channel management software available in the market that could give a boost to your business. Let us have a look at 5 Channel Management Software.

Channel Management Software

Channel Management Software permits organizations to smooth out their circulation and deals endeavors by sorting out customers into explicit sections and monitoring showcasing effort and purchasing behaviors.

  1. Cloudbeds


    It is recognized as the #1 Channel Manager in the market. Cloudbeds does the work of synchronizing your inventory with 300+ internet booking channels that include Airbnb, Expedia, and progressively. Your availability and rates are consistently in a state of harmony with the Cloudbeds Channel Manager; any change in split-second updates your PMS, booking motor, and every one of your channels. The Cloudbeds Channel Manager spares you time, abstains from overbooking, and permits you to reach more visitors across more channels.



    You can save your time with the use of Switch’s in-built channel manager that will synchronize your inventory as well as room rates from the channels such as, Expedia, Airbnb, and several more. The instinctive schedule gives you a review of every one of your appointments in a single spot.

  3. RMS Cloud PMS + Channel Manager


    This is a completely incorporated Channel Manager, which makes it very easy to consequently refresh rules, accessibility, and also rates at the click of a mouse. Rejuvenate your brand’s allure by changing format, structure, and feel to commend your business. You can also refine the substances to improvise on your SEO rankings as well as store the details of credit cards safely.

  4. STAAH Channel Manager


    Take your property’s online appropriation to the next level and develop appointments with our ongoing channel manager for inns. Simple and proficient, it lets you oversee rates and stock – whenever, anyplace – continually settling on educated decisions.

  5. Smoobu


    We give a genuine comprehensive arrangement, which includes a PMS, channel manager, web designer, correspondence, installments, and so on, and even a visitor experience application that will cause your surveys to go up. Less pressure, more joyful visitors, and a superior encounter for everyone associated with the procedure.

Channel Management will help your business in satisfying the customers, which will eventually give a boost to your business.


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