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Article Writing the term itself makes the meaning clear, an article is basically a piece of information that is sent or conveyed to the public. But many times people use articles as a marketing piece of information to just boost up their sales or grow their business by writing false claims. An article in true sense is just an informative piece that helps the reader gain knowledge about whatever the main subject of the article really is.

Sometimes when people write articles they confused regarding the main content and they just end up writing promotional or marketing content instead.

Below are some guidelines that a person should keep in mind before writing an article:

  • An article should be about a subject that a person holds expertise in because writing an article about something you know nothing about but just the basic details can go wrong and have precarious consequences
  • Always conduct thorough research about the subject of the article and never copy or plagiarise any content and information from any source. Plagiarism of the content will bring down the credibility of the main information and the person who writes it, a copied content will be treated a no-good read
  • While writing the article or any informative piece we should always make sure that there are no grammatical mistakes and no spelling errors. A small spelling error or a wrong framing of the sentence can result in failure. A poor sentence capitalization is unacceptable even in a fine piece of write-up.
  • There should be no defaming, reproachful and disparaging information portrayed in an article. If an article is giving the idea of demeaning information or comments about some rival or business nemesis, it is not acceptable because no one wants to read a disturbing and malevolent piece.
  • Also, an article cannot be very short, for any information to be fully transmuted in a written sense, an article should at least contain 800 words to be approved for posting. Also, no article should be posted as a duplicate, like say for example the article submitted to us is found to be posted some other platform that it will be deemed unauthentic and will not be acceptable.
  • Any article that is written can only include a maximum of 2 reference links for more information about the subject of the article. These links should not lead to a page that displays any kind of marketing or promotional content.

There are two categories that an article will fall into one is the Free Articles and the other is the Paid/ Sponsored articles.

The above guidelines and the ground rules remain the same for both the articles.

The free articles are the ones that a person can submit for free and not be charged anything for it. Share free article at

The Paid/Sponsored articles are the ones for which reasonable and appropriate charges will apply. We accept sponsored posts for those who want to provide a bit of promotional content regarding their brand, products and the services offered.  Share your sponsored article at

Listed above, are all the crucial points to keep in mind before writing and submitting the article.

Below are the types of articles that are acceptable:

  • Informative Articles and News on multiple categories
  • How to?
  • Case Studies
  • Videos – Textual or Embedded Video link
  • Specific for Women’s
  • Podcasts (digital audio file)

Lastly, the author and creator of the article should provide the following details

  • Author Name ( The author should be a legitimate person having his own identity on social media. Product/Company name as an author will not be accepted. )
  • Email Id (Valid e-mail id of the author)
  • Profile Picture (Real image of the author, other pictures will not be accepted)
  • Author’s Social Media Links (Linked, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)