20 Trending Sales Titles of 2020


Importance of Sales Titles

How do you decide what should be the correct title for your sales role? What should be the role titled as? These questions can arise in your mind during the period of your career.  At times people give their role a fancy name to hide their actual area of functionality. In simple words, sales titles are nothing but one where your predominant work is to sell something. Having said that sales are a very wide category and companies find it difficult to assign sales titles. The core responsibilities depend on the product you are selling, your client to whom you are selling and also what your job position is i.e. management or supervisory. People who search for sales jobs over the internet it’s very helpful for them if they are fully aware of the sales position they are looking for. Being knowledgeable about different sales titles saves you time and also helps you to pursue job options according to your skillset.  

Catalog of Sales Titles

If you have decided to take up sales as your career there are different paths of progress beginning from entry-level right up to the management level. This also depends on what role you want to take up like whether you want to manage a team of sales representatives or you want to work on the marketing and sales plan of the company or look after the client and customer relations. 

Now let us dive deep into the commonly used sales titles which every salesperson or an aspiring salesperson should know. 

  1. Sales account Advisors
  • The above position entrusts the representatives with additional responsibilities.
  • This job role expects the representative to maintain relations with the existing client and also to build up connections with new clients.
  • The accentuation is less on cracking a deal and more on giving progressing benefit bundles which incorporates some kind of coaching and counseling. 
  • Based on your recommendation the client may or may not purchase. You can be an independent entity working for some agency or can be an employee of the company. 
  • The job titles for this role can be Account Executive, Corporate Sales Account Executive, Financial advisor or planner, Sales coordinator, Regional sales executive. 
  1. Account Consultant
  • Accounting is an important job role that comes with immense responsibilities. 
  • As a honing bookkeeping expert, you ought to be able to accommodate, analyse, translate, store and communicate the suggestions of different budgetary explanations to businesses.
  • They must have a degree in accounting, certification from an accounting body, professional training and a legible commerce license. 
  1. Sales Account Executive
  • An account executive acts as a bridge between clients and the advertising agencies.
  • This sales title expects you to understand client requirement and according to the need with the help of the creative staff of your company you have to design campaigns for them.
  • They are expected to sell to their existing client database or create a database of prospective clients.
  • Account Executive positions are Business to Business positions which is commonly referred to as B2B.
  1. Sales Account Specialist
  • They provide accounting assistance to fiscal accounting areas, including account settlement, general balance sheet accounting, and accounts payable desk. 
  • Input debits and credits in the bookkeeping system.
  • The process of account payable means maintaining and developing a detailed and accurate reports about the company’s bills and invoices. Account payable processing is done by the accounting specialist. 
  • They need to maintain records of what the company owns and also what it owes. This is known as asset and liability report.  
  1. Assistant Store Manager
  • This sales title is more of a training profile rather than a managerial profile.
  • The employers do not use the term Store Manager in their job title deliberately because they consider each employee are prospective managers-in-training.
  • In a store manager position, you are most likely to manage your job rather than managing anything else.
  1. Business Development Specialist
  • They chart out a worthwhile business plan for their company.
  • They analyse different industries to check the budding trends and also the buying patterns of the consumers. The analysis is then recommended to the organization they are working for.
  • Business development experts survey potential clients and provide them with business development support. They also act as a mediator between the officials and the outside contracting sources. 
  •  They are also responsible for scrutinizing business processes and recognizing possibilities to create extra revenue. 
  1. Client Advisor
  • They are predominantly client relationship managers and are among the experienced advisors of the organization.
  • This sales title has the role of managing healthy relations with the prevailing clients and defining and executing the advice.
  • They train other staff on client service delivery.
  1. Director of Sales
  • The director of sales is a team leader profile wherein he is responsible for managing a group of sales managers and be as productive as possible.
  • They are high-level officials who are involved in making national as well as universal plans, legitimize those plans to a board of chiefs or CEO and administering territorial leaders to guarantee that they are driving and mentoring their groups successfully.
  • Since the role involves analytical thinking, surveillance of the market, performance tracking, sales directors should be focused on numbers with an aptitude for maths, and well-developed commerce sense. 
  1. Executive-Level Management
  • If a job title has terms like “Director” or “Vice President” you are considered part of the executive management level.
  • As per the hierarchy, the directors administer the managers and the vice presidents manage the directors.
  •  This role expects you to manage sales targets for the company and also to formulate programs to influence the long-term objective of the company. 
  • Job title expects you to deal with issues at the organizational level and also you have to deal with relational matters. 
  • The common sales titles under this title include Director of Inside Sales, Director of National Sales, Sales Director, Vice President of Sales. 
  1. Outside Sales Representative
  • As the sales job title suggests these people have to operate mostly from outside the office as their profile demands the same. They do not discriminate between B2B and B2C sales.
  • The outside sales representatives are not part of the retail sales. They are mostly paid a salary which is a combination of base salary and commission.
  1. Retail Sales Consultant
  • These are employees who work in retail outlets and help customers with their requirements who come to their retail store.
  • This is a salary based profile and there is no commission whatsoever in this position.
  • When you visit a retail store next time the person attending to your queries would be a retail sales consultant. 
  1. Sales Administrative
  • As the name suggests they take care of the administrative part of the organization. They are considered to be an extension of sales team. 
  • They are also go to person for customers for any orders or delivery related queries.
  • They help the sales team, perform administrative tasks and also coordinate schedules.
  • They examine the data to help the company understand the drift and make better sales and marketing choices.
  • Few titles are Sales Coordinator, Sales operation Coordinator, etc.
  1. Sales Associate
  • This position is mostly non commissioned however there may be some exceptions.
  • They are mostly referred to as salesperson. They sell retail goods and products.
  • The person employed in a departmental store and other retail outlets are called sales associates.
  • The skills required for this profile are good customer service skills, communication skills and should be open to flexible hours of work. 
  1. Sales Consultant
  • Sales Consultants have in-depth knowledge about the product they are selling. So they are in a position to help the consumers with any queries related to the product.
  • They serve as a link between the manufacturer and the consumer.
  • They are experts in selling the product which meets the need of the customers.
  • They also provide after-sales service by taking feedback from the customer about the product and also check on their satisfaction level.
  1. Sales Director
  • They supervise the territorial sales managers and also are pivotal in implementing national sales plans.
  • By implementing and scrutinizing market trends and strategies they decide the gross profit plans.
  • They keep themselves updated about the latest market trends and competitions by participating in different technical, and educational workshops.
  1. Sales Engineer
  • They sell scientific and technological products or services.
  • They should have in-depth knowledge about the different parts of the product and also how it functions.
  • They should prepare presentations describing the product and services for their existing as well as prospective customers.
  1. Sales Management
  • The job role of a management position is very wide. It ranges from supervising other employees to managing customers, to making plans for the success of the sales teams.
  • Sales managers deals with high profile customers, complaints, look over the budgets, as well as regulate a plan to simplify and enhance sales.
  • Several management sales positions have assistant manager designation which is one role below the Sales manager’s profile.
  • Based on the industry one works for job titles could be marketing managers, regional managers, business development managers, etc. 
  1. Sales Representative
  • This sales position is an entry-level position.
  • The motive of the representative is to sell the company’s products.
  • They focus on inside or outside sales depending on the job profile. Inside sales mean “cold calling” customers from the office and outside sales would mean visiting existing or new customers.
  • The title could be a customer care representative, Account representative, etc.
  1. Store Manager
  • The store manager is responsible for taking care of sales and operations of the store.
  • They ensure the staff working in the store provide good customer service and also supervise the performance of the store.
  • They recruit and train staff and also manage sales reports and other financial records.
  • Store managers supervise associates working under them. 
  1. Telemarketer
  • They take orders of goods and services over the telephone.
  • They read out scripts and give information about their products and services.
  • They contact companies or individuals either to buy their products or give donations for charitable causes. 

Now that we know in detail about the different sales titles it would be easy to hire salespersons or a jobseeker will know which sales title to apply for depending on their skillset and aptitude

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