Leadership, What we think and how we act!


The word leadership is heard by two people, one leader itself and other the people working for or reporting to leadership. Beginning with leadership, actually, some of the people don’t understand this meaning and the fact is still they are leaders and it is also not understood by most of the people who are not leaders.

‘People who are in leadership and don’t understand it’s meaning

These people after doing all certifications and management courses, they still don’t dare to take strong and honest decisions even after knowing what is right as they are afraid of their superiors and their job security. Then why a certification or a management course if in such crucial situations of doing right things a decision cannot be made by leadership. In India (don’t know about countries) it has become a trend of having a bunch of certifications needed for a leadership role, but behind the large acres of land, excellent infrastructure, and highly paid salary the fact is something different which I have explained above. But society looks at it as the respectable job. But there are people who have become CEO of the organizations with less number of certifications who truly deserve as great leaders. Most of the leadership roles are now doing ROBOT jobs and they are unable to come out of this uncomfortable zone, maybe because the other side of the people below them treat as their boss which balances negative and positive work role and this keep inline continuing to work them as they are now. Hence the real leadership traits are being killed and we see a lot of issues dealing with leadership which we usually see posted on social and professional sites. These sites share solutions to the problems of leadership in the form of post, article, but I think it’s worthless as it is been liked and commented but not followed. WELCOME TO THE MANAGEMENT.

But there are few leaders who don’t give a dam or care the shit done by upper management as they are strong, intelligent and deal with proper evidence and good written communication and they piss off the hurdles coming their way for doing something good. These are the real leaders no matter whatever certifications they have.

Now the second point “People who are not leaders and don’t understand leadership

There are two such people, in this case, one fresher and other experienced. The fresher does not know what is leadership role and what they actually do but are always excited and a WOW swelling out of their mouth as they feel leadership is something big and they are superior and keep exploring their profile, but not aware of the fact which I mentioned in my first point. The second part comes about the experienced people who are always frustrated with the management meetings and their lying thoughts as they are now aware of the management facts and keep exploding them with a set of colleagues, during tea/coffee, drinks, and food breaks.


Now its time to explain what I think, I never treated leadership as WOW. I respect the post more than a person because the post is valued constantly for a very long time as the people on this post always keep changing and if the leader for that post works towards the respect I have for that post then he is also valued as the same accordingly. I always treat leadership people as ordinary human being or a person like you and me and I believe it must be one of biggest strength one must ever have as this makes easy to communicate one’s thoughts without any hesitation and I believe true leaders always like this. To understand the thinking I expressed here you do not need any certification or course to be done as this is one of the inbuilt quality of every person in this world, HOW?

The first leadership persons in everyone’s life are your parents during your childhood, where without any knowledge we know how to keep it simple and communicate and get our things done. But the fact is as we grow the graph goes down and start thinking in the different way which happens to most of the people and lose their leadership quality and few people retain them and become great leaders and that is why people being in top management still say there is the lot we need to learn from children. Bring out the LIGHT within you and not from what you learn that is what true LEADERSHIP all about.

Nowadays LEADERS run behind the team but actually, they need to be FORWARD

You can read a book, articles which may encourage you but the important thing is to act on it and implement it.