Why Participation Is More Important Than Gold Medals?


When it comes to participating in any kind of event, most of us want to go with the Gold Medal only. Have you ever thought that why should you go with participation always instead of being running behind only the gold medals or Participation Trophy? Sometimes, parents also teach their kids that Gold Medals are quite important. In between all this, they forget to tell them how important it is to share the significance of participation.

Let us check out why participation is quite important in comparison with Gold Medals.

  • To Create A Healthy Society
    It is not good at all since it does not create a healthy society at all. It makes kids go behind the competition, which is not healthy. They stop enjoying the competition but they go with the motto of winning only Gold Medals. A healthy society is something when people emphasize learning instead of just stagnant trophies or medals.  Here, it needs to mention that a healthy society always does take loss positively.

    • Participation makes participants know that it is all about the game 
    • Healthy society brings peace and satisfaction 
    • It also encourages others to enjoy the game more and more
  • To Also Change The Perception Towards Women
    The fact cannot be ignored that sports play a major role in order to drive social change indeed. Here, it needs to mention that women also participate in Sports on a large scale and that has also changed the perception of people towards it. Therefore, participation has always been quite important. 

    • Perception towards women players have changed a lot over years
    • Now women players are also making the country feel proud

Moreover, it also helps to learn a lot so you should never ignore the importance of participating in all. Research also indicates that girls in team sports also have a lot of fun. It means it is not all about winning at all. Women are also participating in more and more games, which can lead to a happy and satisfied society.

  • To Learn New Skills
    Gaming is a never-ending thing since it comes up with a variety of things to learn. The fact cannot be ignored that you can learn new skills. You cannot circumvent the importance of learning new skills at all. If you keep thinking only about gold medals, it will start hindering your success. If you want to learn new skills, you should keep participating more and more indeed. 

    • Learning new things in the game never go in vain 
    • It only comes from practice 
    • The more you participate, the more you get to learn
  • To Have Fun Against The Competitive Team
    Why should you keep thinking about the gold medal only when you can truly have fun against the competitive team? Stop getting confused in this regard. You need to go with the best motto and it is all about having fun against the competitive team.

    • Having fun against the competitive team is just incredible
    • You give tough competition them 
    • Though even you lose, you get to noticed for your efforts indeed

You need to enjoy the game thinking that you are going to give a strong competition to the opposite team. You will give your best and will learn many things indeed. The best thing is that you will get to learn a lot in this regard which will give you incredible satisfaction in this regard.

  • To Not Feel Bad About Losing
    If we keep thinking about losing is bad then we cannot ever grow. You need to understand how it is important to learn that losing is good. It makes you learn so many things indeed.

    • To not let losing game affect your mental peace 
    • To stay focused towards your game no matter how many time you lose your game

It does not matter how poorly you have performed, it is all about learning so many things indeed. You should not feel bad about losing at all. Kids would not ever take failure in a positive manner if they are not taught that how losing is necessary to learn new things. The more you get a failure, the more you will get to learn about it is a great way.

  • To Enhance The Kid’s Motivation
    If you have been wondering how just participating can truly improve your kids then it needs to go through this section. Here, we are going to mention how your kids’ get motivated more just by participating in the activity indeed. 
    You need to tell them that they have to earn the respect and reward that they want. They have to keep learning everything about the game indeed. Moreover, you have to tell your kids how they can stay more healthy and active just by emphasizing their game indeed. You have to tell them about the everyday advantages of sports shows indeed. The best thing is that they will get to learn about it in a great manner.
  • To Tell The Importance Of Hard Work 
    Yes!!! It is quite important to tell about the importance of hard work. Your kids should get to know about the significance of hard work and why it is needed to go with it. When they will get to know how it is important to give the best in life they will start falling in love with sports instead of running behind the participation trophy
    The best thing is that they also get quite mentally strong and they do not face any issue in their life later on. They get to learn about many things indeed. Hard work never goes in vain since it keeps making you mentally strong. Stop getting confused if you think that hard work could have an option. There is no shortcut.

The last
So, what are you waiting for? It is time to guide and motivate your kids and other people into sports about the importance of participation. Gold Medals will be on your own when you perform the best at the forefront.


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