What Skills are children required to learn?


Every change brings its specific requirements and needs with it. The time of Industrial revolution brought the need and requirement to work for factories, in the same way the technological revolution has brought the need and requirement to use gadgets or smartphones and upcoming age of communication will, of course make us to communicate at any cost. And this happens, because if a mam or woman would not walk with the world, he or she will face some difficulties or might be getting isolated from the whole world. And a person cannot survive in isolation. Therefore, the skills, that the demands the people should be learned and taught to toddlers too.

Today, we are neither in the age of digitization completely nor utterly in the age of communication. We are between the two eras. Therefore, the kids are required to learn more skills than our ancestors in order to cope up with the problems and challenges of this time, because each time has its own challenges. Instead of in past, today there are more cases of suicides and patients of mental illnesses. In the same way today there is more competition and confusion because if being in mid than in past.

The skills which today’s kids need to learn or should be taught are:

  1. Use of gadgets: No doubt, majority of the kids know how to use iPhone and smartphones, but they should be taught to use the phone completely, as nowadays lives are depended on this handy device.  After all, you can study from there, you can control your home appliances and schedules from it. And because of being part of this competitive time that requires a person to be conscious or alert all the time, such devices would help a child like an adult to understand the problems and then face them.
  2. How to talk: Because of being in middle, now it is going to become more and more important to be an orator for every person. After all, we have entered in post-truth age. Therefore, the kids are required to learn to talk. And they can be taught to converse by discussing different problems and issues of the city, country or world to find easy and creative solutions. This activity will make students to take part in class activities and will also help them to think, the basic notice of education. Moreover, they can be taught to talk by teaching them English stories or lessons in the form of plays in which some of them are required to take part. People who would take part learn to convince others and listeners will learn to be attentive. Furthermore, they should be taught to express themselves through writing, otherwise they would need the assistance of assignment writer UKin future.
  3. Tolerance : The world is shifting towards globalization. A person living in Africa can talk to any Asian or American via Skype or any other app. Yet, this connection, which is making the world more and more compact day by day, is bringing the intolerance too, as everyone is getting sensitive about his or her culture. Indians don’t want its culture the element of individualism of Western culture, in the same way Westerns resist to have the the culture of wearing scarves. This intolerance, if continued, can bring war or create disturbances in the whole world. To avoid such negative impact, it is required to teach toddlers to be tolerant by teaching them about different cultures and civilizations by showing them videos or documentaries on them. Like Chinese kids can be taught about Indian culture by showing them documentaries of it that aired on National Geographic. In the same way, it is good to include the short stories of different cultures too in syllabus too, to make them understand how each of them sees the world.
  4. Different Skills: The 21st century demands every other person to have knowledge about different skills or topics. Thus, a person should have mastery in more than one skill. Therefore, students should be taught different skills like computer programming, painting, leadership, data entry and many others in order to get them ready for upcoming tougher future in which every of them is required to be the leader of his or her own. Moreover, the students should be taught defensive techniques and morals too, because they are also important. After all, it is mightier and a sign of bravery to compete ethically than fighting unethically.
  5. Be a Defender: The cases of abuse, whether physical, sexual or cyber, are  increasing. Every otheris now being bullied in his or her school, college, university, workplace or some even at home too. Therefore, it is now getting important for schools, to have a class in which they are taught to defend themselves or protect themselves at their schools and home. Moreover, it us also important to tell them how to internet protectively in order to not become victim of any kind of abuse.
  6. Everyone is Benign: There are many victims but there are also some abusers. At many times, both abusers and victims are kids. In this highly competitive time, where everyone is ready to fight one another, teachers should them to be humane. They should teach them logically that all humans are equal, no one is dominant over one another, otherwise illogical reason might lead them to search for logic by themselves and they might, on finding wrong answer , begin to walk on wrong path that would lead them to become psychologically ill.
  7. Be open: Today, every other child is psychologically disturbed or mentally disturbed or suffering from depression, and it is not good, because these troubles are snatching their childhood from them. In order to protect them from such troubles or relieve them, schools should teach them to be open in a very gentle way, so that they will be able to share their problems with his or her teacher. Moreover, schools can hire child psychologist and psychiatrist too. It will be good. Counsellors will also be needed in schools in upcoming years.

Children of today are leaders of tomorrow. Their disturbed childhood will result in disturbed future. And their happy childhood will result in happy future. So teach them what is required in pleasing way.


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