Top 10 Ultimate Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers


Chrome is the most widely employed browser because of its user-friendly interface, easy to use settings and convenient navigation menu and so on.

Apart from this, chrome users can install any third-party tools like extensions etc. Chrome extension is the best way to customize this browser and take most of out of it.

Due to high usability of chrome extensions, this browser has become the first choice of digital marketers, developers and stack coders. In this article, you will get certain information about chrome extensions.

Top 10 Chrome Extentions for Digital Matketers

  1. Rita
  2. Rebrandly
  3. Mozbar
  4. Google Lighthouse
  5. Buffer
  6. Grammarly
  7. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  8. GMass: Gmail Mail Merge
  9. Drump
  10. Open SEO
  1. RiteTag

    Rite tag is a clever and advanced extension that is adopted by many users. It gives you a variety of hashtags while posting on social media. You can generate hashtags for images, texts etc. Right-click on any image and get a list of suggested hashtags. In the case of texts, press a hashtag and start typing the word on any website, it will show you many options and words relating to your typed word.
    Another amazing feature of this tool is that it uses different colours to show the strength of hashtags. Green colour says ‘use this hashtag to get seen now’, blue says ‘use this hashtag to get seen over time’, red says ‘your post will disappear soon’ and grey says ‘very few people are following it’.

  2. Rebrandly

    You can use a branded page URL directly from the page. This rebrandly chrome extension is associated with your rebrandly account. First, create your account on rebrandly and then start working with it, create branded links that you visit. It does not store any additional information, data and history. This is completely secure and secret. You can freely visit a page with its help.

  3. Mozbar

    Mozbar is sponsored by Moz and a useful tool for digital marketers. It shows you search for juice by collecting database from Moz. It gives you a great deal of actionable information like domain address and link metrics. It has a great advantage in the SEO sector. User can search pages depending on location- by a name of country or locality.
    Mozbar serves you a better result than others. Firstly you need to create an account on Mozbar which is free. Then you can enjoy its basic features. If you want you can purchase its paid subscription that will offer some advanced features like keyword difficulty tool, page optimization etc.

  4.  Google lighthouse

    Google lighthouse is a very effective tool for both SEOs and digital marketers. It examines the quality of web pages and their contents. This guides better and appropriate keywords. Adding much value to your web pages increases visitors to your site. This is also an audit tool. You can audit your site to explore its performance, accessibility, applications and more.
    Digital marketers are benefitted most by this tool as it improves the rank and grade of a page. So these marketers can attract more traffic and customers.

  5. Buffer

    Buffer is a very easy tool to share content and information with your followers and friends. It gives you scheduling and analytical features by which you can search the highly ranked pages and sites. You need not copy and paste the URL of a site. Simply click on buffer icon on the toolbar.
    Now type the caption you want to add with your post. Go to ‘Add-in Queue’ and you are done. This tool saves your time. You are served with top-rated sites within a second with a single click of a mouse.

  6. Grammarly

    Grammarly is a basic tool that we can use in our day to day life. It checks if there is any grammatical mistake or not and rectifies those mistakes. You need to copy and paste your content on its checkbox or can attach a file of 1000 words. This will check your content sentence by sentence and colour the mistaken word.
    It focuses on prepositions, double typed words, and verb and adverb related problems. It works as a guide to your content. This is free of cost and open-source software that any person can use.

  7. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    We all are aware of LinkedIn application which is very famous in the Business to Business industry. It works like a storehouse full of professionals and career opportunities.
    LinkedIn sales navigator is the tool that is free from spam and other unnecessary messages which directs you the career-related mails. Digital marketers use this tool to make a new invitation to the public and subscribe their account as well as the links they share. Linkedin itself is a big platform having millions of user accounts across the globe. So marketers target many users and job seekers with this tool.

  8. GMass: Gmail mail Merge

    Gmass is an email marketing extension that is primarily used by digital marketers. They can share email marketing campaigns to multiple email addresses at one time. Gmass sends these email campaigns from Google. You can keep a draft of a mail and send it later. It works like a mail merge in email marketing. The same content is sent to different receivers. You do not need to send emails individually.
    Digital marketers use this tool to spread the same mail to their number of clients. Thus, at the same point of time, all clients receive the same content from the sender.

  9. Drumup

    Drumup is useful for social media managing system. It shows you your favourite and related topics linked to past posts. You can write texts and can store it for publishing it later on. Grammarly tool is somehow related to this tool. Both these tools help a user to improve his texts and contents. It recommends hashtags and @mentions.
    You can schedule and reschedule your posts that will be posted automatically. A stunning feature of this tool is you can take help of URL shortener which will allow you to track your clicks. Again you can use analytics on your social account.

  10. Open SEO

    Open SEO tool is used to generate information on geolocation, traffic statistics, cache statistics, indexed pages, backlinks etc. You can measure how much traffic you are generating on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This will tell you the appropriate keywords to use in your content.
    You will find this tool helpful in case of taking internal information about your site. Location-based searches are possible and easy with this tool. Users take advantage of its every features that to using a single tool. It minimizes the time of searcher and gives proper results.