Top Real Estate Software Apps

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Everyone desires a comfortable home, and this gets determined by their standards and ability. The measure of comfort ranges from one individual to the next, and these can range from modest to top-of-the-range homes. According to Assignment Geek, acquiring a home proves an expensive venture, and you need to have every valuable and essential information handy.

So how can you comfortably get valuable information on real estate? Can tech become useful in your endeavours?

Apps to Make Your House-Hunting Easier

The digital age in the contemporary world has enabled faster access to information, and with convenience. To buy an expensive house, therefore, requires you to get value for money. Nothing compares to getting all the right information before making the purchase. Real estate apps can prove valuable to this end. So consider the following apps in ensuring your investment proves smart.

  • Zillow. It arguably ranks as the best real estate application for your house hunting use. It provides value estimates for homes, and prices of the properties past their sale date, etc.
  • RedFin. It comes as an app but similarly an elite brokerage firm. The app offers home value estimates that prove more accurate. You can also filter to find the upcoming open-houses, which prove useful when actively searching for a home.
  • Bigger Pockets. The app provides a wide range of resources that you can use to learn things about the real estate sector. It includes blog posts, ebooks, podcasts, forums, and guides.
  • LoopNet. It proves the best investment app when it comes to real estate. It targets bigger properties, especially commercial or multi-unit or commercial and residential office spaces.
  • The app proves popular among most realtors because of the close link realtors have with MLS.  The MLS gives data feeds that a lot of sites under the platform use. Further, the platform’s information gets updated faster, compared to other similar real-estate platforms, which proves attractive to most potential home buyers.
  • Trulia. It comes as a subsidiary of Zillow after getting acquired. It proves perfect for actively searching for available homes. Additionally, it provides fixated tools to help you with the home search.
  • Homesnap. The app comes with features craved by agents and home buyers. Additionally, it also comes with extras such as sharing and messaging features. Such features prove exclusive to this app as they prove absent from similar real estate applications.
  • Xome. The auction-based real estate app proves useful not only in obtaining open house information but also in getting info on estate auctions. It can come via the MLS, while sometimes, the auction comes through the exclusive Xome platform.  You can get deals on foreclosures, bank-owned properties, short-sale, besides the typical home listings.


It can prove hard to physically go canvassing the real estate options available when actively searching for a home. You might get pressed for time due to work or family engagements, and the little time you get cannot prove sufficient to determine the home’s worth. So check the apps listed above and simplify your home hunting process.