Top 5 Considerations for a Sealy Mattress Sale


Do you want to improve your experience of buying a new mattress? Some companies have been on the market for several decades or even over a century. If you want to save money on your online purchase, you have several options, including a Sealy mattress sale. It can provide significant savings while offering world-famous comfort and support. Before buying a sale mattress, here are some key issues to consider:

Sale Duration

This factor is a significant one to consider since it can affect whether or not the mattress will still be on sale next month, next week, or tomorrow. Online retailers sometimes do not share how long a particular item will have a discounted price.

You should undoubtedly try to inquire about this issue since the company might reveal it. For example, a Birthday Sale would probably last a while and include an online countdown until the sale ends. 

Discount Percentage

It is always a plus factor if it allows you to save money. However, it is less of a benefit when the savings are only 1%, for example. Make sure when you find a sale on mattresses to calculate the savings.

Doing so can help you determine whether or not the sale item is worth considering. For example, besides the amount you can save on the mattress, you should also factor in whether or not it is an ideal unit for you. If that is not the case, then even saving 50% on a Posturpedic mattress might not be worthwhile.

Mattress Quality

Experienced mattress manufacturers produce a wide range of mattresses with different price points. Their high-end models can cost over AUD 5,000. The higher price is often related to features like firmness, and various perks like a 10-year guarantee.

If there is an online sale, then a higher-end mattress is a practical option. The average price for a retail store mattress is about AUD 3,000. So if you can find a mattress on sale for that price or lower, then it might be one you should consider.

Personal Needs

There are many good reasons to buy mattresses online, since there are also many practical reasons to buy a mattress on sale. However, you should avoid purchasing a discounted mattress only based on the discount.

Make sure to consider your personal needs, then compare them with the features of the sale mattresses. Here are some important issues to take up about the mattress:

  • Dimensions
  • Material
  • Topper/Foundation
  • Firmness
  • Cover

In some situations, these issues are very significant. For example, if you are installing a mattress in a walk-in closet, then a King size mattress will not be a practical option even if it is on sale. Similarly, if you are a side sleeper then a discounted mattress that is very soft or very firm would not be the best option.

Customer Service

This is an important issue because it affects the overall value you are getting for the sale price. As always, you should consider if the online company is offering many perks related to factors like:

  • Shipping
  • Exchanges/Returns
  • Mattress Recycling
  • Customer Support
  • Social Media Presence

Shipping issues are especially important. Make sure to factor it in since shipping could be significantly high and especially for large mattresses or bed bases. Consumers who plan to save money on their next mattress have various options like a Sealy mattress sale. It is important to consider issues like the sale’s duration, discounts, and selection to make sure you get more when you spend less.