05 Reasons to do the Har Ki Dun Trek!!


Uttarakhand has a hidden gem in its laps and that is Har ki Doon. A cradle-shaped beautiful valley that is magical and attracts a lot of trekkers and travelers. The valley can be discovered by doing a trek of 47 km in 7 days. A difficult hike will be worth rewarding.

Har ki Doon is perched at an elevation of 11,768ft above sea level at the base of Fateh Parvat in the laps of the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand. Har ki Doon trek adventure has a lot to offer. The beauty will leave you awestruck and speechless.

Har ki Doon trek is an extraordinary adventure that you can explore.


  • Summit at an elevation of 11,768ft.
  • Sneak peek into the Govind Pashu National Park
  • Panoramic views of the Swargarohini, Black Peak, and Bandarpooch.
  • Exploration of quaint villages
  • Trekking and camping adventure in the mighty mountains

Here are 5 reasons why to do Har ki Dun Trek:

  • Spectacular Views

A trek to the beautiful valley will offer great views of lush green meadows & pastures, gushing waterfalls, tranquil lakes, dense forests of pine & alpine forests, rich variety of flora & fauna, along with the snow-covered mountains. The pristine white snow looks beautiful with the views. Har ki Doon valley offers majestic panoramic views of the Himalayan Peaks like Swaragarohini- I, II, & III, Bandarpooch, and Black Peak. The views of the Ruinsara Peak are also visible from the valley.

  • Ancient History

The valley is also known as the Valley of Gods, as it is wrapped with the legends, myths, and beliefs. According to the mythological facts, the valley is known as the place where the Pandavas took this valley as a path to go to heaven by Swargarohini Parvat. The local legend is Yudhishtra, one of the Pandavas brothers. People here worship Yudhistara and a local temple is also dedicated to him. There are many stories and myths related to the old era.

  • Village Tourism

Along with the trek, you will be passed by tiny hamlets and villages. Like,

  • Sankri: The small village serves as the basecamp to Har ki Doon trek and many other treks. The village is a delight to every trekker. Sankri village offers incredible views of the Himalayan skyline and plenty of peaks. With dense groves of pines, along with the gushing rivers like Yamuna, Tons, and Kedarganga, and with a backdrop of mighty mountains. The trek in Sankri is a scenic one.
  • Osla: A small village nestled on the sloped mountains and surrounded by apple trees. The beautiful village will grab your attention by the wooden architecture of houses. Spend a day here and talk to the locals about their lifestyle and village. An old temple of Someshwar Devta is present there. The village is untouched by civilization and people are self-sufficient here.
  • Taluka: A picturesque hamlet offers a diverse range of flora & fauna and gushing river crossing. You will see a cluster of beautiful wooden houses that will give you a beautiful experience to stay.

Jhakol, Seema is the other villages that offer great scenic views while trekking to Har ki Doon valley. Villagers or local people survive here on farming rice, rajma, charas.

  •  Bird Watching

Har ki Doon valley is a paradise for birdwatchers. The valley is nestled in the laps of Govind Pashu National Park. One can spot a variety of Himalayan birds like monal, animals, black bear, snow leopard, etc. travelers do not forget to bring your camera to capture the serene beauty of nature.

  • Camping

Another reason to do this trek is beautiful campsites.  The campsite at Sankri, Taluka, and Har ki Doon are the most scenic campsites to pitch your tent and stay in between the dense forests, snow-capped mountains, and majestic views of the valley along with the river Tons.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the valley is in winter months. The months of  November- December, experience the pristine snow and chilly breezes. The weather looks cold and the temperature drops down.

In summer months, the temperature remains pleasant and you will experience the lush green surroundings. Monsoons are not good for trekking as the trail gets muddy and slippery due to heavy rains.

If you are interested then you can also explore the Jaundhar glacier which is at an altitude of 4300mt and at a distance of 5km from Har ki Doon valley.

Har ki Doon is not a beginner’s adventure as it is a moderate to difficult trek. Experienced trekkers can do this trek and people who have a great interest in trekking. The trek demands fitness both physically and mentally.

For nature lovers, adventure seekers, snow lovers, and backpackers, Har ki Doon is a perfect pick. There are a lot of adventures in the Himalayas that offer amazing views of nature and tranquil surroundings.

Experience all the reasons  I mentioned in the blog. Plan a long week’s holiday and explore the beauty of the valley. LIVE. TRAVEL.EXPLORE!!

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