11 Best Android and iOS News Apps for 2020


Regardless of any news app you care about, it may require some serious work, but with the introduction of the smartphone, there is possibly a bigger chance to keep aloof with new news sources. There is plenty of best news apps on Android that has vehemently reformed the way we have used to obtain the latest news in the past. Keeping informed on the go of several things around the world and that our smartphone remains an incredible tool refraining the most popular choices newspapers, tabloids, and broadcast, which no one likes – at least in today’s world. We went ahead in a world that news does not have to contemplate with the advertisers’ consent for delivering unbiased and unsolicited news. 

In a recent study, over 62% population has said they use the freest best news apps available in iOS & Android devices. Meanwhile, the rest 54% have shown concern over fake news that ignites over the internet.

Hence the foremost reason why people are enchanted towards the free and best news apps available for iOS & Android. Now, these free apps offer a way different perspective and convenience to the end-user. Also, they save the time that goes into finding the news sources while reading where news is contemplated under one roof. 

1. Google News 

Google News one of the popular offerings from one of the search giants – Google Inc. Google News was previously known as the News Play stand. Google has shifted to the new app with a robust design, which is said to be powered by A.I Techniques. 

The most popular Google News assimilates new technology offerings by means to the kind of stuff – “For You” tab, which reimburses top headlines and news developments more precisely a personalized news list based on the activity of the Google platforms. 

Moreover, users can see “Full Coverage” in the smart and best android news app that exhibits a specific news report by different publishers, giving them a clear perspective. However, there are chances you may not be able to unfollow specific news sources if you are using Google News.

Benefits of Google News?

  • A. I powered and one of the most popular and best android news apps 
  • Getting knowledge of the full story of any news
  • Personalized news
  • Free of annoying ads

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2. Microsoft News 

Microsoft News was previously named as MSN News. It offers news bulletins through catchy thumbnails both in iOS & Android platforms. Not just that, its seamless, structured design and provide smooth experience while the robust design of the app is the main USP. The app insists you sign up with a Microsoft account for setting up a piece of personalized news and get recommendations from MSN.com and Internet Edge news feed. 

However, in the setting section, users get the option to choose the desired country type. However, the news article layout is in such a way that users find it difficult to distinguish between the sponsored ads and organic news articles. 

Why should you use Microsoft News?

  • Integrated support and interest-based news from Microsoft News and MSN.com 
  • Night Mode feature to read in the dark
  • Seamless transitions 

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3. BBC News

BBC News channel is one of the popular news channels which publishes an independent unbiased and non-sensational news and that the BBC android app adds no exception to it. Usually, the app demonstrates the latest news reports from every country at one glance. The next comes the news feed sections, which are laid out in front in different sections. In broader terms, extended live steaming news is integrated well into the app. 

However, the BBC News app is one of its kind that depicts personalized control over the shared data by the app, although you can turn and get rid of customized news results. The only thing that annoys a user is the little bit in design, which doesn’t resemble a polished look.

Benefits of BBC News?

  • Said to be a popular choice for best-unbiased news
  • Different layout settings
  • Asks for permission before using your data

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4. Reddit 

Everyone loves reading interesting and entertainment news, but what makes Reddit shines above its counterparts is the perfect blend of both, which is simplified using an android app. The real fun comes when it gets straight with a combination of social media, news aggregators along with different message boards together brings a distinct look and feel for readers. 

Just like the Reddit website, the Reddit news feed app for Android throws a million topics to choose from. It allows the users to subscribe to various Reddit topics, subreddits, or filtering out the most recent, controversial issues. 

While Reddit is a way too different than other news apps, but it one of the most popular among internet-savvy people. Aforesaid, the structure, and functionality are not meant to cater to everyone’s needs; however, the specific news apps can present the best content out there on the web for free. Other options, such as the ability to pick a theme of your choice and a separate night mode, add to its beauty.

Benefits of Reddit?

  • Choose from the most controversial topic or just plain news headlines
  • Ability to post, vote or discuss 
  • Create a feed of your choice via subscribing to reedits

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5. Smart News 

Smart News has pulled up a real deal by evaluating millions of news articles and effectively choosing the best one under one topic. It is said to be one of the free and best news apps in the market today. The frequent headline reports that the apps push in every interval can be customized using the 4-time slots. The “Smart News” mode feature has a distinct look & feel that helps load the news article with minimal graphics. The app also recognizes the slow network and initiate the smart news moreover the app also includes downloading news article for offline reading. 

Nevertheless, Smart News users are limited to follow a limited number of publishers, but most primary news sources are included as a part of your feed. 

Benefits of Smart News?

  • Get the best pick out of millions of news articles 
  • Straight forward news reports
  • Smart News feature more 

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6. Inshorts – News summary in 60 words

InShorts news app in 2013, which is brought up by an Indian start-up, and since then, it grew exponentially topping the major best news apps for Android and iOS. The unique concept of the InShorts news app is that news is providing in brief – precisely in 60 words to keep the objective clear and clutter-free. The “My Feed” section is streamlining to sort news as per your interests. The app layout is brilliant, considering the app to be small in size. The interactive “One flashcard at a time” the entire article is obtained by swiping left. 

InShort news, the app is regarded as one of the best-fine-tuned android and iOS news apps that have hit the bull’s eye. However, the app now has more shove interest in bombarding ads and sponsored content for revenue generation. 

Benefits of In Shorts

  • News reports are delivered in short summary
  • Indian origin 
  • The layout is unbelievably good help the reader to read as many news in short time
  • Light application – Easy on any smartphone

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7. News Break: Local and Breaking

News Break is definitely becoming one of the popular news if your interest lingers around a specific topic. The feeds section emphasis news based on your interests. It has the “Following” tab and “For You” tab to obtain news that you feel more acquaintances with. Other attributes such as at a glance and night mode that adds on a little bit more functionality. 

News Break simple interface is catchy yet feature-rich. The “Instant News” mode allows you to eavesdrop at the latest headlines from your lock screen. The contents are easily shareable on social media, but the global app reach is questionable, which means the app is limited to country-specific. 

Benefits of News Break

  • At a glance, news read through the lock screen
  • Night mode 
  • Interactive UI

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8. TopBuzz

TopBuzz is a news app in different genre-focused on entertainment news and less in hard news. The news app allows you with a plethora of distinctive news articles considering if you have subscribed to the particular news sources. 

In spite of the fact that TopBuzz is the best news app for Android consists of different topics like funny section, video section, and more but what’s more impressive was the TopBuzz – BuzzQA section that has some bizarre question. Likewise, TopBuzz is an excellent addon to the best news apps for Android and iOS that would do an amazing job and help you stay updated at all times. 

Benefits of TopBuzz

  • Updated with fresh and trending news 
  • A series of Handpicked topic

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9. Feedly

Feedly is well recognized as an old counterpart of Google reader. It is an RSS feed news app that is still people are fond of. Mostly because the app is designed to pull up news related articles from trusted sources. The Feedly one if the best news apps for Android and iOS is felt great in design the app uses robust and superfast technology to get the idea of the best news site. The easiest option to follow a news source in Feedly is subscribed to it. 

Notwithstanding the fact that Feedly reimburse a few suggestions, but it does not annoy the user. However, if you fill it with the news sources of your choice, it won’t distract you from reading. 

Benefits of Feedly 

  • Build your own news feed from scratch
  • Fresh content every time with multiple layouts
  • Have support for RSS links

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10. Flipboard

If you’re heart aches for a stylish and aesthetic looking Flipboard, then Flipboard can be your best choice. The print style page layout ensures proper navigation, but the main attraction of the app is that its analysis the news you often read; thus, it offers news based on the recommendations. However, if you don’t find the time to read the article, you can even add them up on a custom-made magazine Flipboard. In addition, the feature like “See less new stories like this” and “Mute” mode prevents seeing the news source. 

Overall Flipboard is a sprouting best news app for Android and iOS and needs polishing, but one major CON is that users can’t just really get rid of the news stories in the news feed. 

Benefits of Flipboard 

  • Amazingly magazine-like interface
  • Follow the friend’s activity 
  • Newsfeed customized as per user choice

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11. Scribd

Probably news apps are evolving into magazines and audiobooks. Scribd is literally an e-book service that focuses on delivering news articles in the form of news magazines. 

The news articles may look old, but when served in a magazine format, the users seek quite a lot of potential for a minimal subscription fee. Unless you subscribe to Scribd’s amazing collection of eBooks and audiobooks, you won’t be able to measure its full potential. In brief, Scribd has emerged as one of the amazing platforms to seek information about the latest trends. 

Benefits of Scribd

  • It finds interesting news articles that trends 
  • Find the most popular e-book and audiobook sources. 

Download: Best Android News App | Best iOS News App

Final words 

Despite a few odds, we’ve found in a few best news apps for iOS & Android. Few news apps feature content from a specific news source. For instance, the Times of India is regarded as one of the most popular news apps in India that enjoy a massive amount of readership. Likewise, other examples would be Fox News, CNN Breaking news, Reuters, etc. However, if you propose to choose a separate news outlet, then downloading a stand-alone app would suffice the need.


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