11 ORM Techniques to Improve Business Growth


Social image: It is a powerful word that determines how the market audience will perceive the products and services offered. The strategy of online management plays a vital role during the initial and development stages of any start-up or established business. When a business starts building, a comprehensive strategy needs to be in place to make it look promising for the end-users and the target audience. These techniques are not just useful for the initial stages. Still, also when the business has taken off, the constant changes and development of the market make it necessary always to revisit the old brand marketing techniques and bring out new innovative ideas that will help sustain the positive image.

Just as a person has a reputation or an image to behold, similarly in the market, every brand has an image to see as well. Every business venture or start-up needs to work on building their brand image and make sure that there are no negative reviews or articles about their image. There are specific techniques that help in building and restoring a brand’s good image. This process is what is known as online reputation management. The competition in the market is pervasive, and one wrong move can land the business in trouble and wipe out its goodwill and positive image.

The main goal of any business is to have happy, satisfied customers and make a profit out of it, but as easy as this line seems, it is not so easy to achieve. There are many factors involved in making a business successful. Right from the catalyst stage to the successful business build upstage, the brand value needs to be created in such a way that the customers are not dissatisfied with the products and services offered by the company. There are a few tricks that help in mitigating the risk of negative news and reviews about the brand. Let’s know more about some of these online reputation management techniques and their importance below:

  1. Good Content

    It is good always to be conscious of the information that is portrayed to the customers to read. This information is public and serves as the first impression of any brand to the customers and critics when they search regarding the services provided. A brand depends on what is written on its official page and how it should be presented in a beneficial way for the business. A blog page also helps in improving the brand image, and it is also very useful for increasing web page visibility.

  2. Adaptability

    And innovation will always help in building the customer base, and also, everyone loves something new. Adapting to the latest market trends of marketing techniques for the business is still a wise choice and a profitable one as well. Every person in business out there is using different business techniques with one aim, and that is to earn profit and expand their business. Implementing brand improvement techniques will help make the brand’s exposure towards its target buyers as positive and prevent any negative reviews.
  3. Visibility

    Always feel that whatever we want should be available to us, it should be in our reach whenever we desire. Such is the case with search results. I say there is a customer that wants to see if there are any luxury clothing brand stores which will deliver things to their doorstep without any hassle and they end up searching for the same, but unfortunately because of poor content and marketing your brand results do not show up or are pushed to the bottom of the search page then the risk if potentially losing out of a valued customer increases. To curb and improve the visibility and traffic of your webpage by engaging in good image building techniques

  4. Social Media

    In the olden days, people used to resort to paper flyers, banners, and stick around papers to attract customers. But we have the advantage now to go online and market about our product in just a few clicks rather than to roam around the town and give out flyers to gain attention. Now people sell their products and services online because everyone’s life has become busy, and being physically present everywhere is not possible. Hence to tap into and attract the customer base, it is necessary to have an online portal in the form of official social media pages, which will provide more massive customer exposure.

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  5. Q & A, and Reviews

    Also plays a vital role in building the positive image of the brand, nowadays it is natural tendency to for the customers to ask question regarding the services and the take a decision whether to avail the service or not, the reviews and feedbacks provided by the customers who have earlier purchased the product and availed the assistance of a particular brand will help to trust the authenticity of the brand image. Good reviews can be used to improve the online brand reputation, and the feedback given by the customer should be taken into consideration. The brand marketers should make it a priority to act upon past mistakes and make sure the errors do not happen again.

  6. Google My Business

    It is a very effective method of online reputation. This technique helps in making the search result for any business more manageable. It enables the customer to find the business locally easily. This tool is beneficial in increasing the brands or the business website’s presence on the web hassle-free.
  7. Comparison of Content

    The technique is medieval and is being used today by comparing two competitor websites offering similar products and services. This technique compares the features and the service capabilities with any other rival brand and ensuring that their brand is less satisfactory for the customers.

  8. Press Release

    The press release is used as an online reputation technique for two reasons, recognition and publicity. When a company organizes a press release, it is to make sure that the products and services offered to the customers will be satisfactory. A press release is beneficial from the brand marketing view as it gives exposure to the customer base to increase.

  9. Webinars, Interviews, and Conference.

    A day many companies attend and conduct seminars to make their brand grab attention among those who are potentially new clients. Also, interviews regarding the brand, if published, will have a positive impact on the goodwill. These seminars and conferences will help the company to boost visibility and market their goods and services better.

  10. News and Media Coverage

    any brand or company’s services are ultimately beneficial and satisfactory for the customers and regarding this if any News coverage or Media coverage is beneficial in building and maintaining the brand’s image. Any newspaper or web article which states the brand’s goof factors and good deeds is useful for the brand’s marketing and improvement.
  11. Wikipedia Page Optimization

    A day when anyone wants to search for something, people always place Wikipedia as a credible source because it provides all the relevant and necessary information about the subject of the search. It is the right decision to create a Wikipedia page about your company so that the customers have all the information to decide whether they want to avail or purchase the services and products. Also, since we like to be updated and informed about any trend, accordingly, the company’s page needs to be updated regularly if any changes will potentially affect the customer base.

Online Reputation Management Tools

To make optimum use of ORM, some devices such as Sentiment Metrics, Reputation Defender, UberVU, YouScan, ReviewPush, Brand24, BrandMentions, Google Alerts, etc. are very beneficial. All these tools will help in tracking and increasing the progress of the brand’s reputation management. The above-mentioned online reputation techniques, if implemented, will be very beneficial in building long-standing goodwill in any business venture.