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YouTube Downloader

YouTube is the favorite destination for most of us. We’re lucky to have such a splendid video platform for free out on the web. YouTube allows watching any sort of videos but restricts downloading videos? Besides downloading videos straight from the portal is regarded as an infringement to copyright (As per YouTube Policy). So how do you manage to download YouTube videos?

We must not forget we’re living in the epoch of technology. And with all means of resources, it’s possible to download YouTube videos using YouTube downloader online.

Although YouTube downloaders come with handy options such as downloading videos in HD, UHD and last but not least in 4k, 8k dimension as well. A wide number of desktop-based software such as Gihosoft TubeGet. Among them are 10 most popular YouTube downloaders you can use or some you may relate to YouTube downloaders online, and few heads for the desktop client. 

This way you can download YouTube videos online without any risk at the fastest speed. If you’re still reading the article then, you may like going through our entire post to know more about the list of best YouTube downloaders.

What is YouTube Downloader?

YouTube Downloader is a software-based service offering downloading videos from YouTube to various formats. It is a free service offered through either a website (online service) or a software (desktop client). YouTube has emerged as no 1 repository of user crafted video content and almost half the population earth uses YouTube almost every day.  

What are the Advantages of YouTube Downloader?

YouTube downloader has a lot of benefits that extend from features, user-friendliness, one-click downloading, ability to download videos in various formats. Also, a few more that we’ve jotted down in following bullet points. 

  • It is easily available on any device
  • “Search” integrated within the app for the convenience of the user
  • Some advanced features include remote download using SSH
  • Supports multithreaded downloading for fastest downloads
  • Supports downloading of videos in numerous formats without losing the quality
  • Extraction of audio and use of custom bitrate to AAC/OGG or MP3 for lossless quality
  • Search downloaded videos using filters.

Also, YouTube downloaders that do not require installation may work through the cloud. Eventually, YouTube downloaders have become free with the rise in the popularity of YouTube. But considering these features ensure you have obtained the finest and ad-free YouTube downloader for your needs. 

Types of YouTube Downloader:

YouTube Downloader is usually categorized into two sections: One that runs through a software/app-based. The second one is relatively more popular which requires [NO] installation of any software and solely a cloud-based API service. 

Now, both have unique features that extend to the ad-free environment, convenience and more. 

  1. YouTube downloader with video
    YouTube downloader with video allows the user to quickly download YouTube videos to any device of your choice. There are certainly no restrictions on the number of videos you can download online. Also, this type of software-based YouTube downloaders allows faster downloading. 
  2. YouTube to downloader mp3
    To convert any video into mp3, aac or wav format using YouTube downloader. You can easily find such a site on the web. The user first needs the URL of the YouTube video and find a YouTube to downloader mp3 online converter and drop in the link and download the audio in high quality. 
  3. YouTube to downloader mp4
    You can quickly find the YouTube video that you need to convert to mp4 using YouTube to downloader mp4. Use the YouTube downloader provided in the list to convert video by pasting the link and simply choosing the MP4 format to download the video on your computer or mobile device. 

List of YouTube downloader online 


ClipConverter.CC stands first for online YouTube video converters. You can simply download any video from YouTube using the software in HD, FULL HD, 4K, 8K.

In addition to the capabilities of ClipConverter.CC the built-in powerful codec helps convert videos in multiple formats and offers extraction of audios from video files. 

Not satisfied yet. ClipConverter.CC offers support browser add-on for Chrome, Firefox & safari. This helps users to download videos from YouTube directly on your phone, PC or laptop. 

ClipConverter is popular and offers faster downloading than the counterparts so without a second thought give this a try. 

Video Grabber

Video Grabber is another popular online YouTube with downloader functionalities built-in. a powerful web-based YouTube downloader gives you endless possibilities of downloading videos by grabbing URLs from YouTube and downloading them into your PC. 

Besides being named as the best YouTube downloader with video it also helps convert video from YouTube to other formats such as MP4, MKV, MOV, WMV, etc. which make the output videos highly compatible with older phones, iPhone, iPod or so.

A web-based YouTube downloader online SaveFrom.Net was previously named SFHlper work as a chrome extension to download YouTube videos freely. 

For just downloading the process provides impressive features such as downloading videos directly from YouTube without having to copy any link (URL).

The web-based YouTube downloader online recognizes the user download attempt and starts downloading the video directly on your device.


If you Ask – What is the simple yet powerful YouTube downloader with video in the list? 

You can try CatchVideo, a simple looking online YouTube video downloader saves time & effort to download any video in MP4 or MP3 format.  

On the off chance, the solid YouTube downloader has the option to download videos in HD. You will find a good way to navigate throughout the app, the interface is simple yet looks good on the eye. 

Once the app grabs the URL of the original video, choose from a wide variety of formats and resolution to download the video directly on your PC. 


Y2mate is another most popular video repository on the web. YouTube with a downloader is rapidly growing. Seeing this trend Y2mate developers have turned around in no time and started with YouTube downloader with video free online. 

YouTube videos can be downloaded using y2mate in two different ways: One common way is copying the link of the URL and choosing the desired resolution to start the download. 

The other method requires you to insert “pp” after the word YouTube in the address bar to redirect the browser to the video download page. The second method is more prominent and requires no hard work. 

Online Video Converter

This online video converter has a unique way to present itself in front of the user. For any video, a downloader having a set of instructive skills and at the same time churning out good experience is what matters. 

Online video downloader is one of the finest looking video downloaders for YouTube through which you can convert videos in MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV and other web formats.

It’s a desktop-based client and requires the installation and sadly doesn’t support browser extension. 


Not everyone loves streaming high-quality videos, you may require to download a few especially when they become an easy pastime for most. YouTube generally doesn’t recommend downloading videos but permitted if those are retained for personal use. 

YouTubNow brings an intuitive panel along with powerful codec integrated to make downloading videos a breeze. It’s a web-based service and can only be run through a browser where the user needs to paste the link of YouTube video and choose the desired video resolution and require just a click to download a video in no time.

Most people are enchanted with YouTube, a locale video-based service that has become the favorite past time as in today. 

But what makes different from the rest of the YouTube downloaders. comes handy for those looking for downloading videos in bulk from YouTube. 

QDownloader is another web-based YouTube downloader with video in MP4 format that offers SD & HD as a download option. 

Using this you not only get the chance to save videos directly from YouTube but offers speed better and lossless conversion throughout the process.

YouTube remains the most sophisticated video portal provided the content is free to stream with ads. However, YouTube Premium members get the chance to stream videos and save videos but what about others? 

Say, when you like a video about something and you don’t want the video to get lost. How about downloading the particular video for later use? Downloading YouTube videos is restricted due to the infringement of rights. 

YouTubemp4 is a good alternative where you can start saving videos and music absolutely for free. YouTubemp4 is free and never asks you for signups. You can download YouTube videos directly by pasting the original YouTube video link and choosing the desired file format, dimension and save them on your local computer.


YouTube is a great place where vlogs, tutorials, automobiles, gadgets reviews are getting popular now. But sadly, these videos are available only when you have an active internet connection. And downloading through YouTube is not possible. 

Hence, the last but not the least in our list SaveClipBro is a free & safe web-based software that you can use to download these videos offline. 

Not just YouTube SaveClipBro allows you to download videos from other popular video portals too. Apart from downloading video, the app will allow you to download YouTube videos to MP3 format and work like a charm across all media devices with a good internet connection. 

SaveClipBro is 100% safe and free to use, supports downloading videos from as many as 20+ video portals and in 1080P Full HD format. 

Final Thoughts

We’ve reached the end of our top 10 list of Best YouTube Downloaders for you. You can use them for personal and professional use as well. 

Downloading YouTube videos in high definition was never simple as now. You may require a desktop, laptop or smartphone with an active internet connection to download YouTube videos directly on your device. 

On the contrary, downloading YouTube videos is not an ethical practice however YouTube permits downloading video for personal use. 

Anyways, what you think about these 10 best List of Best YouTube Downloaders let us know about in the comment section. 


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