Learn Top 5 Amazing English Tips in 10 minutes


Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

– Albert Einstein

The year 2019 is updated to a new and better version of 2020 and now it’s your turn to update yourself.

Keep learning, keep growing is the saying we at ANGREZII follow, believe in and spread.
December is the month you recall the moments of how you spent the whole year. This is the time to cherish the good moments and start acting on your shortcomings.
No wonder English is a Universal language with 94 Countries using it as their primary or official language and 15 Countries as their Secondary language.
This fact speaks about the importance of English and how important it is to keep learning and improving your English as it directly impacts your personal as well as professional life.
Setting new year resolutions, goals, etc is a common trend all over the world.
This 2020 lets sets aim to improve English and remove all the related past shortcomings.

In this blog, I will break down 5 tips to transform your English learning habit to a new level.

  •  Get Online

Getting online is the best way to remove fear and hesitation. Due to poor skills, many hesitate to speak in public. Joining chat forums, groups and online English Courses not only improves skills but also removes hesitation thereby boosting your confidence to speak in public.

  • Find fun ways to improve English

Learning with fun leads to more interest. Make a list of your fun-loving activities be it singing or listening to songs, watching series or movies, reading books, novels or recipes watching comedy shows, etc. try your best to listen, watch and read in English. It will help you to indulge more and more.
Include English board games likes Scrabble, Buzzword, English, etc.
Download Fun English applications from the app store on your mobile to learn English uniquely. To help you with some amazing apps here goes the names like English Grammar – Quiz Games7 little wordsNYTimes Crossword, etc.

  • Speak English with your best friends

Will this work??? Is your best friend free and good at English??? Will your bestie help you in improving and keep you focused and motivated???
The answer to all this question may be a “YES” or a simple “NO”.
But NO should not stop you. Find your best friend in other means. Here I am sharing some great, easy, quick Ideas.

Make the mirror your best friend for conversations – Best way to boost your confidence. Speak to it in English and improve your skills.

Newspapers and book can be besties for reading and understanding – It helps you learn new words, phrases and improve your vocabulary. Increases your focus and gives you a wider space to understand different scenarios in a go. Reading this blog is sure to shot a good count.

Ears can be a good friend for listening – English is everywhere be it offline or online, be it books or movies. So, listen, listen and listen to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation. If you don’t know the meaning or how to spell a particular word then check it out on the Internet.

No wonder your surroundings, belongings are your best buddies – Go around your Bedroom, Kitchen, garden, Office, etc and try to name the living creatures and non-living objects in English. Find out the words you don’t know. This way you will improve your Vocabulary.

Don’t forget to make new besties😊

  • Find your motivation

Learning a new language is always about some interest or reason. Interest will drive you to learn in all terms but having a reason makes it much easier, important and help you in fast learning to achieve the set target.
Reason can be anything be it, personal or professional. For Example, you want to learn English for promotion, for a better job or to travel. This motivation is nothing but a challenge for you to achieve the goal.
So, find a reason, be motivated and keep learning.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice and there is no end to learn and grow.

Here is where the magic begins. No matter what you do to learn English but if you don’t practice for sure you will fail. Just joining class, forums will not help you if you are not doing your homework properly.
In today’s era of technology, it is possible to learn and practice and if you prefer a more inline process there are many online English Courses.
Also, if you haven’t tried ANGREZII yet, you really should check it out. Its Interactive e-learning Spoken English Platform where you don’t just listen to the trainer but also interact with team and trainer helping you to remove your doubts, hesitation and improving your skills. Learning and practicing vocabulary, daily conversation, grammar, essays, letters, etc.

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