It’s important to have a vision in mind to be able to properly plan and execute business – Interview With Loren Howard (Founder of Prime Plus Mortgages)


    Today we have Mr Loren Howard with us, an entrepreneur, an athlete, owns many businesses in different verticals and also holds a world record in indoor rowing. Recently he is also been blessed with a daughter child πŸ™‚

    Hello! Could you please brief about yourself and your business?
    My Name is Loren Howard, I am a founder of Prime Plus Mortgage- Private Money Loans.

    How did you come up with the idea of starting Prime Plus Mortgages?
    I was in the process of changing gears with my other company when someone suggested I start real estate investing. it Escalated from there and I saw how hard money loans were a must-have in the market.

    What challenges did you face initially?
    I did not know much about the lending industry, there are a lot of legalities involved so making sure everything was done properly was a must, and difficult.

    Let’s discuss your services like what type of services you provide and how it aids your client?
    We offer hard money loans, which are real estate asset-based loans. We help real estate investors who are looking to start investing in flips, rentals, and more with our fast hard money loans. We offer a wide variety of private money loans, hard money loans, bridge loans, fix and flip loans, and more.

    What motivates you to remain consistent in your business?
    I love being able to help people start their own business and achieve their own success. Our services make it easier for investors and build their businesses. 

    As we all know that every company’s target is to make their customers/clients happy. According to you what are the best ways to improve Customer Experience and Increase Customer Retention?
    We always make sure that we don’t just meet expectations but knock them out of the park. We do this with fast service, great customer support and follow up calls after our transaction is over to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

    How do you balance your work and personal life?
    I make sure that I block my time properly and that my work never takes over my family time. I follow my schedule closely and make sure that I have designated off ties that I spend to focus on family.

    What is your contribution towards society, as we saw that you have been associated with valley guardians?
    I am currently the president of the Valley guardians, we offer leadership, mentoring, and education opportunities to children in Arizona.

    A personality that you follow and has inspired you?
    Tony Robbins. I attended one of his seminars when I first started my own business and he has helped me develop a mindset that has transformed my life.

    What are your long term goals?
    Right now I want to focus on scaling my business and taking to the next level, so automation and more systems in place.

    One advice that you would like to give to those who want to start their own business?
    Make sure you know what you really want your business to look like from the beginning. It’s important to have a vision in mind to be able to properly plan and execute it.

    It was such a pleasure talking to you and thanks for giving us your time. Requesting to Dailyscrawl readers can follow Loren on Facebook,Β Linkedin, andΒ Instagram.