Know The Main Benefits Of Using A Hand Sanitizer


Statistics from the Centre for Disease Control {CDC} in America shows that every year the businesses in America undergo a loss of about 10.4 billion dollars. This includes direct costs related to hospitalizations as well as outpatient visits. And the CDC predictions are that this year it could be worse as the flu vaccine may not be that effective only up to 10%.

On most of the working days from Monday to Friday, most of the Americans go to the office even if they are sick because of the increasing workload. Unfortunately, 90% of the workforce comes to the office even if they are sick because of the increasing work pressure thus making the workplace a hotbed for the virus, germs, and bacteria. And due to this, the healthy people get infected when they come in contact with these germs and infected people.

Some remedies are necessary for unorder to reduce infections and letting fewer people get infected. The easiest way is to keep the environment clean and germ-free. Washing hands frequently is the best way to keep the hands germ free thus preventing the atmosphere clean and infection-free but this is not a practical viable option although this can reduce the infections from spreading to a large extent in the processes reducing the costs of treatment and absenteeism. But this is not practically possible.

According to the World Health Organisation [WHO] and CDC, the use of hand sanitizers is the solution to killing the germs and the only practical replacement to frequent hand washing. Companies will be largely benefitted from this practice. Using Adam’s hand sanitizers and placing them in the strategic places in the office is going to benefit the companies and the employees heavily in terms of saving work hours and medical expenditures. Training the office staff in using the hand sanitizer should be the main focal point for the companies to reduce absenteeism and reduce the loss in terms of both man-hours and profit.

How Should These Companies Work?

Priority should be on encouraging hand hygiene and the employees should be given instructions and should be told of its benefits of using it. The next point to be focused is on the right choice of placeless where these sanitizers should be kept. Germ hotspots should be identified and wall-mounted dispensers should be placed there. There should be sanitizers at all the hotbeds and the employees should be instructed to use them as frequently as required.

Further, this information should be disseminated through leaflets, posters, discussed in the board meetings, newsletters should be distributed. Instruction should be given on how to apply and use it to kill all the germs.

Further, the employees should be reminded of the benefits of the use of these sanitizers through seminars, board meetings, and conducting educational programs on health. They should be further guided on how to use hand sanitizers on the lines of instructions given by the World Health organization, the whole hands should be covered including in-between the figures with the sanitizer.

Quality of the Sanitizers to be used

The alcohol content in the sanitizer is very important for it to kill germs and to be effective it should contain at least 70% alcohol. The more alcohol content the more it is effective. Sanitizers that have 3log {99.9} are effective but those that have a 5log minimum kill rate{99.999%} are the best. Most of the users prefer using foam sanitizers to sticky gels. Survey has shown that 85% of adults gave preference to foam-based ones. If these sanitizers contain moisturizers it will be very good because it prevents dryness of the skin. Care must be also taken that it does not cause any allergic reaction and skin irritations. Those with dye or perfume usually develop allergic reactions.

What does the survey report say?

A survey conducted in 2015 has indicated that as many as 92% of Americans believe that washing hands is good for hygiene and has health benefits. But the irony is not more than 66% of people wash their hands after paying a visit to the restroom. About one-third of the people admitted to skipping soap and rinsing with water. It is very important to place Adam’s Hand sanitizer in restrooms, near sinks, and other places where there is much public activity so that germs do not spread. All these precautions will certainly ensure that the infection will be curtailed to a great extent. And Adam’s hand sanitizers can certainly play a big role in curtailing it.