How to Make Friends While Travelling


As an introvert, it takes a little hard time to indulge yourself in the crowd. As a traveler, you have to understand the major fact that you need to make friends. It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert but making new friends will always open new doors of adventure and excitement in your life. It is exactly like seeing the world with a different perspective. I learned these things because I was travelling solo to Toronto and didn’t know anything about transportation. Well, I was naive until I asked one of the companions and she referred to the limo taxi in Toronto. Unfortunately, things never work in your favour if you’re shy to ask detailed questions. In result, I was stuck with the cheap but pathetic transportation service. This one simple incident taught me a lesson that if you’re a traveller you have to be open-minded.

6 Incredible and Fun Ways to Find Friends

So, before you embark on your journey, learn a few easy tips to make friends during travel. You can make friends on the planes, cafes and clubs.

  1. Stay In a Hostel

Book yourself a hostel to live with the people. You will find the environment of a global village, people from different studies, backgrounds, purpose and everything. It is also budget friendly and any solo travellers prefer hostels to experience the thrill of it.

  • Share Food

Visit cafes, restaurants and other places. Buy someone a food, share the table and it will automatically bring up the experiences. This is the way one can add human experience to their trips. So, leave out your story, listen to others and you might become a storyteller too.

  • Participate in Ongoing Activities

Activities together can bring people close. There are many possible chances that many activities will be going on around the city. You just have to look them up before travelling or join social groups to ask the locals.

  • Be Flexible with Your Plans

Don’t just stick to the original plans you made, be flexible. This is the only fun of travelling because that leads you to the thrilling aspects of the journey. Try to indulge with people and learn something new. It can be cooking classes, surfing, skating, writing or anything.

  • Throw off the anxiety

Anxiety is the killer of all dreams. It makes every interaction wore. Don’t let it get the control of your mind. It is possible only after taking control of your mind. Create your own mind distractions from the thoughts of anxiety.

  • Share Similarities

Find the people who share similarities of your personality. Remember that no one is different, it is just about the choices that make them different from others. So, it is a great chance to get involved with different people. When you share similarities, it is easy to build up a connection with each other.

Apart from these simple and fun ways, you have to practice being extrovert. If you’re in Canada, these people are so nice; everyone has something to offer you. Toronto Airport limo services are also amazing, their chauffeurs are quite professional with a friendly attitude, and they might offer you a tourist discount. So, don’t be shy about being a tourist in a foreign country. People are same all over in the world, only cultures and growth make them ahead or behind the time.


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