How to Keep Hair Healthy and Strong


Are you looking for some tips on how to keep hair healthy and strong?

Here we will tell you some amazing tips for your hairs.

Hairs are taking importance in every person’s life, so keep them healthy otherwise you will lose them. Keep them away from sunlight and use shampoo, conditioner, and eggs on it.

Let us tell you 12 amazing tips which are compiled from our recent interview with the best hair doctor in Jaipur who has researched a well about hair strength and quality!

Tips to Keep Hair Healthy

1. Keep Them Away from Sunlight and Pollution

Keep your hairs from sunlight because of sunlight damage hairs. If stand sunlight for a long time it will make scaps week then have to face to hair fall and thin hairs. Pollution, rain, and wind also damage your hairs so try to keep away from sunlight and pollution, wind, and rain.

2. Take Care of Wet Hairs

You should take care of hairs when they are wet because hairs break easily. So do not rub your hairs while you are bathing your hairs.

3. Regular Hair Conditioning

Give moisture to your hairs regularly, and never go outside with hair conditioning because it will make your hairs dry and frizzy. Use good moisture for your hairs because cheap moistures can be harmful to your hairs.

4. Right Pattern of Conditioning

Above we told you why should you use conditioner and we hope you understand but the is how should use conditioner on your hairs.

Conditioner moisture your hair deeply so use conditioner 2 inches away from scalps because much moisture will make your hairs too much oily and oily hairs are hard to maintain for you.

5. Use Same Shampoo and Conditioner Every Time

whenever you wash your hairs use the same shampoo and conditioner. Every shampoo and conditioner made for a specific purpose and when you use them for a long time we will see a good result. So do not change your shampoo and conditioner.

6. Don’t Use the hair Dryer Too Much on Your Hairs

Don’t Use the hair Dryer Too Much on Your Hairs because it Puts a negative impact on your hairs when you use dryer it soaks up wetness from your hairs and it will also damage your hair scalps. So recommend you don’t your hairdryer on your hairs.

7. Never Braid Tightly at Night

At bedtime do not braid your hairs tightly because it makes your hairs frizzy and dry. So never braid your hairs while you are going to sleep.

8. Do Not Use Cotton Pillow Covers

Using cotton pillow covers harms your hairs due to friction and lugging. So skip cotton pillow covers. You can use satin covers on your pillow it will help to reduce hair breakage.

9. Do Not Rub Your Hairs

Most of the peoples rub their hairs by a towel to make them dry, don’t do this. Rubbing your hairs makes your hair week and thin. You can use other things like soft a towel to tying your hairs.

10. Use Oil on Your Hairs

Use oil on scalps. Take head massage with oil, it makes your scalps strong. Remember don’t use too much oil on scalps because if you use much oil your head it will start dropping and your face will become oily then you have to use shampoo. So use oil on your scalps properly.

11. Use Hair Mask

Use a suitable hair mask on your head. The hair mask is good for your hair and only use good and suitable hair mask otherwise it can be harmful to your hairs.

12. Follow a Healthy Diet

Your diet also affects on your hairs. A good and healthy diet not only makes you healthy and fit but it also helps to make your hairs healthy and strong.

Hairs need proper protein to grow, so give them proper protein. Drink milk, eat eggs because it has much protein.

Now we have told you these 12 amazing tips to keep your hairs healthy, so follow these tips if you want to get/keep your hairs healthy and strong. Hope you like this article.

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