How an Antipollution Mask Protects You from Several Diseases


The problem of the era is the increasing pollution around the globe, which further leads to serious health issues, mainly causing damage to our lungs. Since we breathe such toxic gases, the damage is not only limited to the lungs but over our full body.

This year, the pandemic of COVID-19, made us realize the importance of face masks. The demand and search for the best face mask upraised over the months, more than any other item. Many preferred to buy an anti-pollution mask for protection, knowingly or unknowingly, but it the right choice. Why? Let’s have a look.

Filtration of Particulate Matter

Viruses and Bacteria are particulate matter, not visible to our naked eyes. Anti-pollution masks can filter out these particles with maximum efficiency. There is a range of face masks available, like N-95, N-99, and N-100, which is quite effective in preventing flu germs from entering. 

There are mainly three types of anti-pollution masks, as follows:

N-Series: These are not oil resistant masks, but are effective in protecting against dry particles like dust from coal, pollens, and other microbes. Higher the number, i.e., N-95 or N-99, more it filters the smallest size of microbe (viruses and bacteria).

R-Series: These are resistant to oily particulates as well as dry ones. If you are residing near a factory or some industrial area, you should for this series. Like N-Series, efficiency is based on the number.

P-Series: These are oil-proof ones and have the same property as the R-Series, but is more efficient and have higher longevity, up to 35 hours, considering it one of the best face masks

Surgical or cotton masks that are available in plenty are neither effective against pollution nor particulate matters. It cannot filter out many viruses, including COVID-19, so buying it is not at all worth enough.

Presence of Micro Ventilator

An important and additional feature of many anti-pollution masks, making it one of the best face masks available in the market. You can breathe easily, as it removes the carbon dioxide and fresh recycled air enters through it. Thus, you will feel comfortable enough to wear it for a longer time.

Presence of Carbon Filters

Carbon Filter is necessary enough to be present in your mask as the pollution is increasing day by day and the enormous deadly pathogens. This carbon filter is too present in surgical masks but is of no use, as it cannot filter any component.

When this filter is present on the anti-pollution masks, it absorbs harmful sulphuric gases emitted by vehicles, rotting odors of garbage and most bacteria and viruses, thus filtering most of the air. Only fresh and healthy air reach your nostrils.

Proper Fitting

Your face mask is of no use if it doesn’t fit properly on your face. It should cover entirely your mouth and nose, leaving no gaps. Surgical and other masks are available at a single size, hence it may leave gaps, and the purpose of wearing becomes waste.

Anti-pollution masks are ideal ones. It is available in various sizes, so you can buy the one, which fits your face well. Your comfort also matters as you have to wear it for a longer time, and these masks are suitable for it. Protection and comfort come hand in hand.

Some are Reusable

Surgical masks, which are low in cost, are recommended to be disposed of, after maximum usage of 4 hours. If we reuse it again, the purpose of it is lost. if it washed and again reused, there are chances of pathogen (viruses and bacteria) contamination.

Anti-pollution masks are available in both disposable and reusable forms. Also, the longevity of the disposable ones is up to 2 to 3 days. The reusable masks can be cleaned and reused as you wish, thus making it one of the best face masks available. 

Judicious Investment

Since many of the anti-pollution masks can be reused and the disposable ones have higher longevity, so the costing is efficient. One time investment over these masks is better than repetitive buying of the other ones.

Though the cost of surgical and cloth masks is less, you have to buy it often and in the end lot of money is spent over it. Also, minimum protection is offered to you. So, why not invest cleverly?

Easy Cleaning

Many of these anti-pollution masks are reusable uncountable times or few times. But, after wearing on a hot day for a long time, there is a deposition of sweat, salt, and soil over it, and due to it, there is a chance of growing pathogens over it.

If you wear the mast without cleaning, then the purpose of the mask will be in vain. So, it’s better to clean it, but don’t worry, it will take you no time.

Wipe it properly with a moist cloth, dipped in hot or lukewarm water. If possible allow it to dry where sunlight exposure is most. This will help in killing the growing pathogens, ie., bacteria, and viruses. 

Protection from Chemicals

The leakage of chemicals by various industries over many years has lead to severe casualties. Not only by industries but by vehicles to disposal of chemicals is a serious issue. These chemical gases are deadly enough and some of them are mutagens, which can alter your genetic expressions and the victims of it are the offsprings. But, you can avail minimum exposure to these toxic chemicals.

The anti-pollution masks with its layered absorbing filters, makes you inhale less or minimal toxic gases so that you do not get much exposure and remain safe. 

These are some of the most crucial reasons that justify that an anti-pollution mask is always a better choice for protection against various diseases. It also makes you breathe better, so that the internal organs, especially your lungs are not exposed to harmful and toxic entities, considering it the best face mask. In this turmoil of pandemic, prevention is always the foremost priority of mankind. 

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