A letterhead is basically the top line or the heading on a document. A letterhead can include name, logo, or a pattern that depicts the identification of the business.  A letterhead is used as an official document by the organization or business.  This type of document is used for official matters, legal documents, etc. as it contains the company or the organization’s official imprint which serves as the identification of the company.  Today even though email correspondence is used for in business, the physical paper containing letterheads is used for contracts and agreements and other various purposes. A letterhead represents the brand of the company and in some cases, the letterhead document can carry an even more important purpose if it bears the seal of the company.  A letterhead should depict what the business is about.  A letterhead is the first impression of the company, it is very crucial to think and strategically decide the letterhead of the company as it will act as the brand image.

A letterhead should contain the brand’s name and contact information as well. Any content on the paper with letterhead is considered of much importance and also its credibility is increased. A letterhead maker that has the best technology and innovative side at its best is also of value. It is best to render the letterhead creating a task to someone who knows exactly how to create the letterhead that will be perfect. A letterhead maker should take into account the idea of the business, its aspects, products, and its goal in order to create a letterhead that will best suit the business. The letterhead creator should imbibe and utilize the latest techniques and the most creative letterhead design in order to create an authentic letterhead.

 There are certain points to keep in mind to create a letterhead, they are as follows

  1. First and foremost the letter creation process is not an easy one, a lot of thought goes into it. A letter signifies the entire corporation and should be created in such a way that portrayed in a simple way and is understandable.
  2. Use a creative font that will look both attractive and professional and also give the letterhead page a border that will make it look more professional.
  3. The header image can be designed uniquely keeping in mind the nature of the business of the organization. Sharp shapes or soft designs are both used widely in a letterhead, but it is necessary to see the exact layout of the page in order to determine what designs to be used.
  4. The Letterhead should contain the logo of the company which will make the document authentic and official. It will also fulfill the need for the company’s brand to be displayed and recognized.
  5. Initially, people used to restrict themselves to neutral colors in the creation of the letterhead. But now as the design is progressing, along with neutral colors bright colors which will catch the attention of the person reading the content of the letter is more in trend. The use of colors allows us to explore other creative letterhead design ideas.
  6. The graphics and the images used in the letterhead should focus on making the letterhead more in tune with the font, colors, and size.
  7. Earlier only images were being used, now portrait or candid photographs are also being used in the making of the letterhead which will make the letterhead look engaging and cool.
  8. Whenever an important document on the company’s letterhead is created, there is a need to create an envelope and the contact info memo or visiting card which will be made according to the designed letterhead. The combination of which is very sophisticated and professional.

Letterhead Templates

In order to create a striking and professional-looking letterhead, a lot of thought goes into its process. There are many letterhead templates and ideas to choose from, some of them are below

  1. Custom made border and image: Rather than using the normal border or some images to create a letterhead, it is better to use a custom made image and border which relates and emphasizes the aim of the organization or symbolizes the purpose of the services offered by the organization.

    The above image shows the use of a custom made the design that is professional and attractive.
  2. An attractive footer that catches attention:  Sometimes it is not the heading but the very bottom of the page that can help in grasping someone’s attention. It is common for people to skip over the initial content and head straight towards the end of the page. Hence this is also used as a template.

    The above image shows an eye-catching footer with contrast colors which are very appealing
  3. Ditch the white background for a darker shade: The pristine white background of any letter is still used but nowadays a dark page background with a font color that coordinates with the background is also I trend and is proving to be successful.

    The above letterhead which uses a solid color background instead of a white background gives the letterhead a regal look
  4. Use of asymmetry: Gone are the days when even a single centimeter mistake could provide to be a loss. Asymmetry designs and fonts are in trend.  Asymmetry designs are very engaging and attractive.

    The above letterhead uses symmetrical shapes that look apt for a clean ad business letterhead.
  5. Inclusion of something unique:  Though images are very much liked in letterheads, adding some drawings or illustration to the letterhead is also a very modern and  powerful approach

    The above letterhead with the soft paint is very unique and also looks very serene.

Letterhead Tools

  1. Adobe Spark.
    This is one tool that promises to give the best professional result in terms of creating a letterhead. Also, every opinion and idea is welcome and will be incorporated to make custom letterheads. This service provides three options which are categorized as one version free and two paid.
  2. Canva
    This is a tool that will prove to be very useful if one wants to opt for custom made letterheads. It has a wide variety of selection for fonts, images, designs, etc.  Along with that, there is also the benefit to choose from numerous photographs, illustrations, etc. which is very beneficial for a successful letterhead creation. They offer a free version and a paid version.
  3. SpringPublisher Pro
    This tool offers an array of elections for designs and formats which are useful in creating letterheads but also along with the letterheads, flyers, visiting cards, business cards, etc. They offer two versions one is free with limited options and the other one is Pro version.
  4. Lucidpress
    This is a user-friendly interface tool which has the drag and drops feature and also helps in creating various types of designs. They have 350 templates to choose from and also they provide custom services as well. Also, another very attractive factor is that all the data will be encrypted and stored on Cloud by allowing permission to view and use.
  5. GraphicSprings
    This is yet another very promising tool that has templates created by its graphic designers to choose from.  Also along with the different selections from the readymade to use templates, they also offer categories such as legal, business, accounting, etc. in order to help create an appropriate and suitable letterhead.