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best case studies examples

While deciding anything a person always thinks about the pros and cons of the situation, the same goes for the business world. Whenever a customer is looking for a product to buy or a service to avail, they research the company and its goodwill along with its past service experiences. For this, the companies should provide their customer service experience for the customers to review. 

This is where the examples of case studies come into play, they decide the market reception for the company. A case study is a descriptive anecdote about previous customer experiences. Say for example a company wants to launch a product in the market but they need to determine and gauge the customer’s possible reviews. So in this situation the company decides to carry out some market research about a similar kind of product that was launched in the market by some other company, the marketing team of the company goes through the case studies involving the customer’s reviews and then decide their approach for their product launch.

Similarly from a customer’s point of view, the case studies become a deciding factor to buy and avail the product and service respectively. Therefore the example of a case study is used by both sides of the market for their own research and factual knowledge for their benefit. The website case study examples are something that provides all the details along with the proper facts and figures. This information is a very important marketing tool being used.

Now the marketing team of the companies focuses on showcasing the best features and the benefits the clients can reap by availing the services of that particular company. This strategy of various website case study examples always helps in attracting new customers and to cement the already built client base.

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Importance of case studies

Case studies hold the power to attract and help the customers to decide whether they want to invest in the service and buy the product or not. The case study is direct to the point and is clear to grasp is what the customers like, the facts and the figures regarding the company will give a clear insight into the confusion that the clients have of whether they want to buy the product or not. This a crucial marketing technique and the company has realized this and also they should strategies their case study in such a way to attract more and more customers in order to make their business successful.

Requirements for case studies

The main requirement of a case study is that it is should not be lengthy and meaningless. A customer when visits a website and decides to read the best case study examples, find a really long paragraph is not appealing. The marketing team of the company should make sure that the case study that is written is short and is understanding. These case study examples should not mix up the main plot and just be crisp and easily perceivable.

How to write case studies

Every piece of information or fact should be displayed so that the customers can decipher it properly. A proper format should be followed while writing a case study, which will be meticulous and not jumbled. These types of case studies will aid the customer to understand the entire scenario.

A case study should always be in the below format

Introduction: An introductory information just like the basic details and overview in the very start about the main subject of the case study should be the first point to be covered in the case study in order

  1. Features or characteristics: The main and vital points of the case study should be well explained, these characteristics are like the highlights of the case study.
  2. Point of Conflict: The main challenge that was faced by the customer and the reason for the problem should be explained in an accurate manner.
  3. Solution: The next step that comes in the case study is the solution that was sought for the problem and how it was executed.
  4. The benefit to Customer: In this point, the benefits and the perks provided to the customer as part of the solution should be highlighted
  5. Overall Results: The last point to cover is the customer’s satisfaction with their issue and also the benefits and the good image for the company’s product which will prove credible for the company in the future.

Many successful and best case studies which have made an impact on the market, let’s have a look at some of those best case studies:

Examples of best case studies

“Shopify uses Hub spot CRM to Transform High Volume Sales Organization” by HubSpot

Source HubSpot

This case study is full keeping in the intent of its target customers, this case study is made used the mixed media technique, it consists of a video along with the text that elaborates the points and meaning of the content in the video. This is a great way to keep the customer engaged.

“Secure Wi-Fi Wins Big for Tournament” by WatchGuard.

The particular case study used the visual mode and described how the WatchGuards services very swiftly proved to be effective for the vendor and attendee Windmill Ultimate Frisbee tournament.

“USA Today” by Fantasy

Source HubSpot

The case is by far the most engaging for a customer because it is very helpful for a first time visitor to a website. This case study uses two mediums, one is the video and the other is text depending on what the visitor likes to choose. The video and text are easy and simple to understand for the customer as both shows how to navigate through the entire website along with the other linked pages of the website.

BrightEdge: Stanley

Stanley combined two different web characteristics on one website in order to reduce and alleviate traffic disruption and attract more traffic and search results. This proved to be very beneficial for Stanley from the BrightEdge team.

LeadGnome: Host Analytics

Source Docsend

Team of Host Analytics used the account marketing technique in order to enhance email marketing, In this case, the automated email marketing technique was used to curb limited marketing efforts.  

OutBrain: Lane Bryant

Source Docsend

Bryant is a leading retailer for women sized ranging 14 – 28 and they wanted to celebrate the fact that all women are sexy with a campaign, in order to engage and gather more participants for the campaign it used the media amplification technique which was successful.

Google Analytics: Optimizely

Source Docsend

Optimizely offers its clients market-driven solutions which will increase their user experience. The hurdle faced in this was better identifying page views to know exactly where the clients were stuck in the buying cycle. The solution was to use the data from Google Analytics Premium to successfully have the clients push through the sales stage.


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