Top 5 iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks


If you like to customize your iOS experience and love the new way your iOS operates then you must always be in search of some of the best Jailbreak tweaks. If you are using iOS 10 and want to customize your experience, here are top 5 iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks that you must not miss out on.

  1. App Center

It’s a great tweak to have on your iOS 10 device. With this tweak, you can do all your app management from Control Center. App Center allows you to run your apps in the ‘paged’ windows from Control Center and you can be able to swipe between these dynamically and enjoy windowed views.

App Center uses the apps that you have used recently for this and doesn’t consume too many system resources either.

  1. Unify

It can be quite annoying to wake up in the morning and then get bombarded by notifications on your lock screen. Unify merges all your notifications according to the app, allowing you to better organize them and view them without getting annoyed. You can buy this tweak for $1.99 from BigBoss repository of Cydia.

  1. LastTimeUnlocked

If you often suspect people sneaking into your privacy then this tweak is just for you. It tells you when you or someone else unlocked your device on “press home to unlock” screen. So, you can have a clear idea as to when the device was used last. It’s a free tweak and is worthy of an install.

  1. Horseshoe

It is amongst the coolest tweaks that you may find on your iOS 10 device. What it does is that it converts your Control Center that usually spans over several pages into a perfect single-page interface. This won’t just make your user interface appear better, the tweak allows you to access some of the most important settings only with one tap instead of swiping here and there. The tweak is available for $1.99 on Cydia and can give your Control Center a really sleek look.

  1. MessageFilter

Nothing can be more horrible than sending important messages to wrong people. You might end up sending wrong messages to your employers or someone who may cause problems for you. But with MessageFilter right there to help you, you can configure a whitelist and a blacklist featuring specific words and filter these on the per-contact basis. This will be effective in avoiding messages with certain words sent to particular people. To put it simply, you will not end up addressing your mom with the word “sweetheart” or your boss with the word “baby” accidentally.

You can download this tweak from BigBoss repository of Cydia without having to pay anything.

So, try these wonderful iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks and keep enjoying your iPhone/iPad experience with a touch of added functionality. You’ll never be disappointed by the overall experience and the change that these tweaks will bring for you.


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