Tips to Find the fast Scanner for Pokémon Go


Just like any other popular games, Pokémon Go has raged the internet in the past few years. People of all ages are going crazy over it. This game has gained so much popularity because it can travel between the real world and the virtual world. This game has an influence on the real world too. It takes you through a ride of adventure where you swap between the real and virtual world and get a chance to explore new locations in real. You need to search for Pokémon in unique places. The more you achieve the more Pokémon’s keep on appearing around the world. There also powerful and legendary Pokémon’s which are very hard to find but it gets you more power. Gymhuntr, the new tracker and scanner are all over the internet. Check out how it works in this article.

This game is available for both iPhone and Android. And it has millions of downloads. As you go out to the nearby places, your phone vibrates to notify you if there is a Pokémon. As soon as you locate the Pokémon, you aim at it with your phone’s touch screen and then throw a Pokeball to catch it. You need to be very careful while doing that as the Pokémon might run away. One of the most interesting things is Poke Stops. The Pokestops are usually located at very interesting places like museums, places where public arts are displayed, historical markers and monuments. Pokestops are places where they give you a chance to collect more Pokeballs and other useful items.

The New Update of Pokémon GO

With the recent updates of Pokémon Go, there has been 80 more Pokémon’s introduced in the collection. It is important to catch all the Pokémon fast and complete the Pokedex. To do that what you need is a Pokémon Go scanner. The scanner helps you to locate and find all the Pokémon in your locality. Otherwise, you would have to go to every place in search for Pokémon. The scanner just makes the task way easier.

There can be two types of scanners:

App-based scanner: This is the best type of scanner you can get. This works just like your personal scanner which works independently, can be highly customized according to your preferences and are the most reliable ones.

Website based scanner: As these scanners are hosted by a third party on the servers, they become less reliable. The results become completely dependent on the load on the server.

One of the best scanners which you can go for is Gymhuntr.


With the introduction of its biggest update, Pokémon Go has completely changed to the way gym works in the game. They have made alterations also on how the monsters are connected to the gym. The locations have now become the place for Raid Battles, which happens periodically throughout the whole day. Now, these Raid Battles can happen anywhere anytime. So, the serious players have to be ready all the time to put up a fight and this is where the website Gymhuntr comes in. The Raid Battles last for one hour.

Gymhuntr is really useful for scanning the important locations in the game and keeping you updated about the upcoming raids or the already ongoing raids. It also tells you about the basic information and about the current status of every gym, like which team is presently controlling it or what kind of prestige level it has owned.

About Pokémon Go Gym

The Raid battles usually take place in the gym. It is kind of a co-op match against a Pokémon who is currently present in the gym. As the battles are time specific, every player requires to be prepared in advance and be present at the location to take part. The Gymhuntr helps in scanning your current surrounding locations to find the gyms around you and every detail you need to know about them. The users of Gymhuntr are notified about the ongoing raids in any specific gym also the future raids to happen there.

The website of Gymhuntr is user-friendly and is very easy to understand. The little pink timers present on the map are there to indicate how much time left until the next raid. The orange timers are there to tell you how much time is left for the ongoing raid to finish.


But we are not yet sure how long Gymhuntr will be available for use. As the habit of Niantic goes, it tends to shut down every site of this kind. Especially when this site has become so popular and that the function and comfort if it has turned out to be more useful to users which have driven a lot of traffic. And due to the increase in traffic, there can be a negative effect on the server of Pokémon Go. So, make use of the website as long as it is available. There is no surety what Niantic has in mind.

If you have any doubts regarding the scanners or anything from this article, feel free to contact us. Email us and we will reply you as soon as possible. Our email address will be on the homepage of our website. Comment down below which scanner you prefer while playing Pokemon Go.

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