The memes are going to be new potential to make money or is it already?


Well, some n***s make millions while other n***s make memes, these are the verse from one of the 21 Savage and J Cole song “A lot” That means everyone has got something, some make millions with other make memes.

With the advancement of technology and the rise of the internet, individuals get to see the new career option. Apart from just being an engineer now you can pursue your college degree in IT or computer science and become an app developer or computer engineer (tech savvy).

Not just this but the internet has also given rise to something that we call memes. Now if you don’t know what memes are, they are just the expression of someone’s feeling and words in the form of a funny and humorous image that most of can easily relate with.

Nowadays there is tsunami of memes everywhere on the internet and in real life as well. What started as a fun way to express feeling has now given rise to a new and cool option to make money.

What is this meme culture

From sharing trending memes with a friend to opposing government people, memes come in real handy. Not just millennials but older people such as your dad and uncle are also sharing these memes just to be more familiar with this new generation.

Memes are no more lame jokes and celebrities feel blessed when the internet decides to make fun of them or makes a meme out of them. Also, memes are not always created with the intention to disrespect someone, sometime meme makers also give tribute to the people. For example when Reddit spread the Nikola Tesla memes on Thomas Edison’s birthday.

Meme in Bollywood

Recently after falling in love with Ananya Pandey’s expression, the internet decided to make new trending Indian memes out of her. Instead of getting sad or embarrassed, this to-be Bollywood actor also enjoyed what the internet has come up with. 

Other than that, with the release of URI: The Surgical Strike, these meme makers came up with a funny meme that’s called “High Sir memes.” By rephrasing the ‘high-sir’ dialogue with other words, the internet has come up with some really cool Indian memes.

Meme is Politics

As we have already mentioned memes are present everywhere in our society. From a toddler to a full grown politician Rahul Gandhi, everyone wants to be a part of memes. Hashtags like #Rahulgandhi*****hai has also given us so many trending memes India.

In Conclusion:

Memes are not just a part of the internet, and it is certainly more than just a hobby. It’s an emerging career  and if you really love to make memes you can make money with them. Apart from the usual websites, you can also opt to work for a new fancy media company, where you have to do the work as social media comment moderator and reply to other comments you get (just like Wendy’s twitter handle). Or work for yourself, get your original work printed on t-shirts, mugs and other merch as people love to wear t-shirts with trending memes that read things like, “Baba Ji ka thullu.”


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