Santa Fe: The Hub of Art and Innovation


I am sure of the fact that many of us are born with a sense of appreciating art due to our aesthetical interests and whatnot. Art has a peculiar relationship with the man. As it has no boundaries, one can play around with it – with just a little imagination. There are no set rules to it, art cannot be defined at all. Art is just art, it depends on the person that how he perceives it. Art can be literature producing poetry, visual arts, performing arts, sculptures, and what not. Art and artists are in every corner of the world. They are in every country, city, and street. Some cities are rich in producing the best artists and some have the masterpieces of art. When we talk about art and innovation, one word which comes into our mind is Santa Fe.  It is the best place to be in if you are a great admirer of art. The moment you step in the city, you literally feel alive. You surround yourself with history, culture, and art. The walls around you seem to engulf you in the texture of historic buildings which speak highly of the art and its artists, culture, and innovation.

Why Santa Fe is a hub of Art?

Historically speaking, Santa Fe exists for thousands of years now as it is a capital of the US state of New Mexico. There have been people living here from different cultures and ethnicities. Every culture has a unique sense of art which they follow. Santa Fe is one of the places which has been a host to many artists and has provided them an opportunity to use Santa Fe and create miracles. It has been and still is the most important art center in the world. It has a large number of museums, theatre, music centers, literature, dance houses, and opera theatres. The city reflects the multiple cultures through the characters it holds in itself. The art and craft portray the diversity in culture and shows the multiple and rich art culture. The cities shower vibrant and enthralling shades of arts. For instance, the city promotes different art organizations which bring new artists to the surface.

Center of Contemporary Arts

It is one of the best places which brings every form of art to life. Be it film, visual arts, or performance. The organization focuses on highlighting the current issues through art and visuals. Since the organization is the oldest organization, it is the hub of cultural and artistic innovation. Many artists have been associated with it such as Zoe Blackwell, Brandon Soder, and Betsy Emil.

SITE Santa Fe

It was founded in 1995 and since then it has brought a lot of innovative contemporary arts to the city. It hosts different art exhibitions in which people around the globe take part in. the aim of the organization is to discover and inspire the people through art and culture. the organization also offers different art programs to the new people. What makes this organization unique is the fact that the building is a true art depiction.

Canyon Road

Canyon Road which is one the east side of the Plaza is the largest center of the art gallery. The place is a hub of contemporary, southwestern, indigenous American, experimental arts, in addition to Russian, Taos Masters, and Native American pieces. The pieces reflect the culture and are a place which attracts and fascinate many tourists and locals. This is one of the best destinations to visit if you are in Santa Fe.


Since we are talking about art and innovation, let’s just not forget about the statues and sculpture which adds to the beauty of the city and reflects a tale.

Veryl Goodnight’s The Bronc

Canyon Road is one of the places which is surrounded by many sculptures and statues. The Bronc is one of them. The bronze sculpture reflects the American West and pioneer ideal.

Maria of San Ildefonso

The sculpture of Maria of San Ildefonso is a place right behind the Bronc. The artwork is the masterpiece of Susan Kliewer. The sculpture reflects the American Potter, Maria Marinez, working and focusing on her pottery.

Rabbit Brush

Jan Mapes is an amazing artist who creates the best sculptures. Her artwork mainly focuses on the traditional western lifestyle. Her work also reflects nature and animals. She believes in capturing the natural flow and emotion of the moment.


Art is what a person creates. Everything which a person creates become an art. Literature is read and learned throughout the world. D.H. Lawrence, Douglas Adams, Mary Austin, George R.R. Martin are one of the best writers who belong to Santa Fe.


Downtown Plaza engulfs a number of museums. For instance, New Mexico Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, Museum of International Folk Art, etc.

In the end, I’d suggest that you take a trip down to Santa Fe as well. Mine was awesome – don’t forget to visit Meow Wolf while you’re at it! It’s a lovely and breathtaking, immersive art experience. You can always google some of the best places to visit there if you have a good enough internet (check uverse internet) and not too many data caps to depend on. It’s always nice to do a little homework before you visit a new place.

‘For those who are lost, there will always be cities that feel like home’

-Simon Van Booy