Risks to Your Kids Health You Should be Aware of

Kids Health

As kids grow up, it is the parent’s job to make sure that the health of their child is taken care of. Any destructive behaviour should be nipped in the bud, and potential risks should be reduced or completely removed. However, in this day and age, there are many news risks that kids face as they grow up, and some parents are oblivious to some of them. For example, some parents may not know that too much loud noise could lead to their babies experiencing NHL (Noise-Induced Hearing Loss). These risks, however, are not without solutions. For example, to prevent NHL, parents can give their babies baby earmuffs designed to protect NHL infants. In this article, various issues, their causes, and possible prevention methods will be explained.

Loud Noises:

As mentioned in the introduction, loud noises can be hazardous to the hearing of children. The places where these noises can come from can be both expected and unexpected. Wearing headphones and listening to the T.V. and videos loud are the obvious sources. A simple way to prevent this is not to give them access to headphones and to limit the volume of the systems they use. However, parents may be surprised to find out that their baby’s rattle can be a source of loud sounds. When babies keep their rattle next to their ear, the sounds can reach up to 110 decibels. All of these can be dealt with efficiently. Loud noises from the surroundings could also cause NHL, but they can be easily avoided with baby earmuffs. 

Excess Screen Time:

Tablets, smartphones, and televisions have not existed very long compared to the age of humans as a species. However, they are now a significant facet of everyday life for everyone. With kids growing up with instant access to these items, we must know their risks. One considerable risk attached to these items is they can lead to children’s eyes getting dry and irritated. And at least part of the increases in nearsightedness(myopia) cases worldwide can be attributed to activities that required you to look closely at screens. A simple way to reduce the risks of this is to have kids play outside more often.

Excess Junk Food:

With the increase in fast food availability, it has become a simple option for parents to get their kids when they do not feel like cooking. For other parents, it can be a way of getting cheap, quick food. However, as noted in the last couple of years, the excess consumption of fast food can be harmful to children. Some of the various issues can include constipation due to excessive fats and sugars, less energy as the child does not get the proper nutrients for activity. It can also lead to an addiction to these foods, leading to even worse issues such as depression and sleep disturbances. A simple way to prevent this is to limit the amount of junk food your child has access to. This way, they will learn how to have a good relationship with food and learn how to moderate their eating. 


As you can see, there are many risks a child faces that can affect their health in the future. These risks can severely reduce a child’s quality of life. However, at the same time, it is clear that there are many ways by which one can reduce these risks to ensure that their child will lead a long and healthy life.