10 Reasons Why Food Carts are Better Than Restaurants


For all those who don’t know what the food from a food cart tastes like are missing out on life big time. Food cart foods are finger-licking good and nobody can deny this fact. Yes, restaurants are fancy and have a seating area, etc. and have good tasting food as well but food carts do have a lot of advantages over them. Food carts are almost available at every nook and corner of cities and at times they are highly crowded for instance the hot dog cart is one of the most famous food carts over the world. 

Here are ten reasons that make food carts better than restaurants:

  1. Low initial investments 
  2. Low operation costs 
  3. Attract more customers
  4. Less location issues 
  5. Expand brands 
  6. Faster service 
  7. Clean and safe food 
  8. Low prices 
  9. No hassles
  10. Variety 

1 – Low initial investments 

Food carts without a doubt are a profit earning business idea when it comes to food. This is mainly because food carts do not involve a lot of investments as compared to a restaurant which requires a lot of thought because it involves seating areas and building and location. This is an advantage in itself as the cost you put into buying a building and the interior cost is saved. You can use this money on the food track. 

2 – Low operation costs 

When you opt for opening up a restaurant it requires a lot of money however, in case of a food cart very less operation cost is required. The cost of the food carts depends on the things required. The cost is basically monthly. It depends on the groceries required. You don’t require an extensive team as compared to a restaurant, just a small team with a few helpers would do. A food truck also cuts down the tax as compared to a restaurant. 

3 – Attracts more customers 

Because of the lesser prices of the food and good quality food, food carts are more likely to attract more customers at the cart. A full meal at a food cart can cost from 3 to 5 dollars and not more. The food is extremely delicious and makes you want to come back for more and more every time. 

4 – Less location issues 

Food carts can be placed anywhere on the footpaths and in streets and it saves time looking for a building and prepping for it. A number of restaurants close down due to not having a good and prime location. Food carts are best in this case as they are mobile and can place the stall anywhere to gain maximum profit as well. 

5 – Expand the brand

Because of the cost you saved while starting up a food cart you can use this and the profit you earn to expand your food cart business and open it and place your food tracks at more locations. This would benefit you more and make your brand well known. 

6 – Faster service 

Food tracks are considered to be number 1 when it comes to a faster service. Food tracks provide its customers with very fast service and you don’t have to wait in line for a very long time. There are times when you don’t have to wait in lines at all. However, when it comes to restaurants you have to wait for the waiter to take your order and then it takes the food to get ready which may take about 30 to 45 minutes at times. 

7 – Clean and safe food 

Many people think that food carts are not clean and do not take care of their hygiene which is why they do not prefer eating from a food cart. But everyone should know that food carts have made it their priority to keep their food and food cart clean and hygienic so that it is safe to eat.  

8 – Low prices

The food you eat at the food carts does not cost a lot of money as compared to a restaurant. You can have a good full meal in under 5 dollars and the food will also be delicious. People come to food carts because of this reason as well. 

9 – No hassles

When it comes to a food cart, you do not have to worry about waiting time and other guests speaking loudly and not letting you eat in patience. But in the case of a food cart, you can easily order your food in no time and also get your food in very little time. Plus, point, you don’t have to sit in a crowded place and can eat your food in peace. 

10 – Variety 

Food carts are also famous because of the variety of foods they offer and serve in the food carts. It is just like what you can get in a restaurant.


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