Planning a Beach Getaway: Things to Consider Before Packing Your Things


Going to the beach is always fun with friends and family. But before experiencing that cold breeze of the beach and start doing dun activities like having a dive near beach resorts, you need to pack the essentials to get the trip going but you need to start packing smartly. There are tons of essentials and tips for packing throughout the internet.

We’ve compiled a list of things to consider when packing your things. Scroll down to learn more about it. 

Start With A List

Creating a list will always help with packing. You can do this on paper or digitally for easier access. This will help you organize and cross out what you already have. It will also help you organize your thoughts while you’re packing. Be sure to keep the list on hand or keep it somewhere you can see to help guide you while you’re packing. 

Avoid Large Bags

Using an absolute unit of a bag is tempting as it can fit everything you need. In reality, you’re trying to fill up the bag as quickly as possible to make you feel like you’re done. Try using a smaller bag. It can help you avoid overpacking as much as possible. You’ll learn how to be careful with what you’re packing and avoid impulsively shoving a lot of items in your bag. 

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Create An Initial Layout

When you have your items picked out, make an initial layout of what you’re packing and adjust accordingly. Think of it as a video game where you’re conducting inventory management. This layout will allow you to see the initial plan for your bag. There might be some items that can be rotated or moved around to provide more space for others. Experiment with different layouts until you get the one that works best for you. 

Consider Your Conditions

Did you book a luxury resort? Or did you go to a vacation rental? Depending on your conditions, the items you need will change. Resorts will usually supply towels and toiletries that are good for an overnight stay. If you’re planning to stay longer, it can be helpful to bring your own travel toiletries. Vacation rentals may not have the same luxury and you will need to add an extra towel to your bag. Make sure to consider this to properly balance your inventory before packing. 

Roll Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes makes a huge difference when it comes to packing your things. You take up less space but still pack the same amount of clothing. Roll your clothing as much as possible and keep them in organizer cubes. It’s easier to keep track of your items while organizing them this way. This will also lessen the amount of bags you’ll be using on your trip as they’re all compressed. Not all clothes can be rolled, so make sure to assess each item before rolling them haphazardly. 

Bring Beach Essentials

When you’re out in the sun, you’re likely to get sunburnt. Bring your own beach kit and take some sunscreen and aloe vera with you. You can avoid and heal the dreaded sunburns and get the tan you desire. Other beach essentials include a beach hat, beach towel, and lip balm. 

Bring A Wet Bag

When you’re about to leave, there might not be enough time to dry off your swimsuit. Keep a wet bag on hand to keep wet items separate from the dry items. When you’re doing laundry, this will make everything easier for you to manage when you go home. 

Keep Liquids Separate

Even if your driving to the resort, keeping liquids separate can keep your dry items safe. Use travel bottles and travel kits to decant your toiletries to prevent any spills on your luggage. Bring the essentials you need for toiletries and avoid going overboard with the body wash and other luxuries.

Pack Your Medication

This is very important if you have inherent medical conditions. Forgetting your important medicine can be disastrous on an out of town trip. It can be difficult to get the medication you need especially if you’re visiting a rural area. Be smart and organize your medications before leaving. Pack them in your carry-on bag so you don’t forget about it when you need it. Packing extra medication for fevers and allergies is a good idea as well since you never know what’s out there. It’s better to play it safe than sorry. 

Key Takeaway

Follow these tips for packing for your next beach getaway. Your trip will become a breeze if you keep the stress off with the right packing techniques. Remember to create a list, try a different layout, and roll your clothes to make the best use of your limited space. Avoid using large bags to steer away from overpacking. Don’t forget about your essentials and important medications when you’re on your trip to have a fun and safe beach day. Every trip will be easy if you remember these important things to consider to before packing your things.


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