10 Things to Keep When You’re Travelling Alone


Travelling is not just about cutting oneself some slack from a highly hectic routine; it is also about internally grooming oneself by exploring the outer world. It teaches a human a lot about not just what is going around in the world, but also about his own self – the things that interest him, his needs, his own temperament in multiple situations. Not always do situations go in our favour. Many times we are struck by troubling moments, especially during travelling, we get to face situations when we have to make quick decisions. And if we are travelling alone, we need to keep a number of things in mind before we embark on the adventure.

Here is a collection of a few essentials that we deem to be extremely important in making your journey comfortable and convenient. Read further to get a peek at the list of these nitty-gritties:  


The first to keep in mind when you are on a trip is to be fully aware of where you are headed. Many people keep a track of their route by using their mobile map applications but often times the batteries of phones do not support running of an application for too long which is why it is extremely important to keep a map in paper form in your bag at all times. Sometimes internet services are not reliable enough, for which we will recommend checking Spectrum internet packages.


Always keeping oneself hydrated is the mantra one should be reciting incessantly on a trip. A bottle would just be fine in order to keep yourself hydrated or else if you consume too much of it, you might want to use the loo too often; and that is something you cannot afford on a trip. If you are flying to your destination, you may as well just cross it off from the list. But you must also keep something sweet to keep your sugar levels normal.  

Extra Clothes

When we mention extra clothes, we do not mean that you should stuff your bag with clothes you might not even need but only in emergencies, we mean that you keep limited clothing with extra pair of undergarments. 


You definitely need a camera to take pictures of every place you visit so that you can share them with your friends after you return. You should also take a watch and a pair of binoculars if what you’re going for is hiking and mountaineering. 

Chargers and Power-banks

This is a must. You can miss water home but you cannot miss keeping charger and the powerbank in your bag. The reasons are simple. Most of the tasks you would be doing on a trip would be through your phone, like informing your family where you are or your friends who are waiting for you at the airport. You cannot do any of these unless you have a working phone for which you should have a charger or a powerbank. 

Comfy Joggers and no extra shoes

Without comfy shoes, your trip could just be a huge hassle. You need a pair of joggers that lets you walk and run without breaking a bone or hurting your skin. And if anything like that happens, you should have a bandage and medicines to cover such situations. 

Plastic bags

Plastic bags can be of multiple uses. In case of rain or crossing a water body (like humid places), you can place your phone inside a plastic bag. In case of nausea, plastic bags can come handy while travelling.


Nowadays compasses are available in mobile phones, however, when on a trip, there is a chance that your phone’s battery might die out. For such instances, you should always keep a compass so that if you are lost you can find your way. Moreover, using multiple apps on your phone runs a risk of higher battery consumption therefore keeping a few small gadgets that can perform the same tasks is far more convenient.

Sunblock, Moisturizer and Tissues

If you are travelling to a warm or sunny area, sunblock is a must because you must protect your skin especially when you are in an environment your skin is not accustomed to. Same goes for a moisturizer, if you are travelling to a dry area, your skin can have serious damage due to dryness. The tissues are one of the basic necessities in order to ensure hygiene on daily basis; in absence of water, tissues can come handy. Moreover, you can also keep wipes on you for more effective cleaning.

Thread and Needle  

Thread and needle can come handy in case you tear any of your clothes so you can even stitch them or you can stitch a few fabrics together to make a temporary shelter or a blanket in cases of emergencies.