Matric Result 2018 Announced to Come on July 30


Students have kept on wondering when exactly their matric result 2018 is going to be announced. Now, all BISEhase announced to declare their marks in the last week of July. Yes, on the July 30 you will know how’s your future is going to be. It’s hard to imagine right now as nothing has been set in stone. But when your 10th class result 2018 comes it will become certain where you can apply for completing your intermediate studies.

Once you know your marks, it will be clear in which college you can apply for higher studies and whether you can apply for scholarships there. Obtaining great marks is always beneficial for matric students, because colleges have high merits now a days. So if anyone gains low marks in matric class then getting admission in a good college is almost impossible.

You Can Easily Know the 10th Result 2018 Online

Worrying about marks comes after you have found the best source to check them out. Well, do not worry as various educational websites, such as, upload Faisalabad Board Matric Result 2018 along with other board results on their platforms. It’s all what students ask for because official websites never work properly on the day of their outcome. Often they crash due to the high traffic of students. So people prefer external websites to check students’ marks now.

Thus, remember to open their website on the day of 10th result 2018 to quickly check your marks before everyone else you know. Their platform will help you avoid from having mini heart attacks that occur due to slow speed on official BISE websites.

Outstanding Marks Are Worth Nothing If You Don’t Learn

Obtaining outstanding marks in your exams is a good thing but it can never be as important as gaining knowledge and wisdom. Many people think that in case a student scores high marks in their examination then he/she is an intelligent person. Which is wrong and completely absurd. Why? Because exams judge your ability to remember specific answers not your intelligence. So let’s pray that you gain good marks in the matric class result 2018 and keep on studying hard in future classes.

A weird custom exists of pushing kids to study in every single Asian nation including Pakistan. Which should be removed from our society in light of the fact that nobody can get the hang of anything if they are forced to do something. Ideally, parents/guardians will consider the issue and urge their children to study for the sake of learning.

Innovation and creativity doesn’t come from memorizing text books. You will be able to create something new, only if you will try to do something that has never been done before. Thus, you should strive to learn things properly to improve them if possible.

So don’t generally center your efforts on acquiring extraordinary marks in your exams however think what you are attempting to learn and whether you are comprehending the idea of the topics included in your syllabus. For now, let’s hope you will receive good marks in your result of matric 2018, Good Luck!