How to Improve Your Teaching Career

Young modern teacher with beard preparing for the lecture in classroom

7 Tips to Improve Your Teaching Career

Teaching is an existentially fulfilling job in many ways. You have the opportunity to influence and shape lives in a positive fashion, and you may even have some students return or send you a letter to say how motivational you were for them. Even when you have had great success in teaching, learning how to improve your career is important. You can achieve even higher levels of fulfilment, and you can provide an even better experience for your students, which is the ultimate goal.

Absorb Student Evaluations

One tip for how to improve your teaching career is to really pay attention to evaluations from students. Some schools have a formal system for implementing evaluations at the end of semesters or quarters, or you might have the ability to put your own strategies for culling such responses into play. You do not necessarily need to take every criticism of your teaching methods as truth. Instead, look for repeated suggestions. In other words, if students are constantly suggesting that you try a different method, or alter a specific assignment, implement those changes.

Revise Your Assignments

In the midst of conferences with students, grading, and actual teaching, you might feel tempted to reuse the same assignments over and over. Of course, having a base of assignments from which to choose can certainly help with consistency. Still, though, you should work to revise your assignments on a regular basis. Consider how you might integrate current events or new teaching skills that you use in your assignments. You do not necessarily need to throw out all of your assignments and start fresh; instead, see how you can improve your current material.

Improve Your Technological Skills

Technology certainly plays a major role in the modern classroom. You might need to use technological tools to provide online learning experiences to your students, or you may have to use technology in the classroom to reach a wider range of learners. Even when your school does not require you to heavily use technology in the classroom or in any terms when it comes to learning, consider how doing so can help your students. Take into account the fact that many students are familiar with technology. Integrating technology with learning can make lessons more appealing to your students.

Collaborate with Colleagues

You might find that you are often the person who stays quiet during meetings. While your colleagues are talking about their ideas for the classroom, you fail to share your ideas. Keep in mind that collaborating with others can really help. You do not need to think of these meetings as chances for colleagues to boast or to prove that they are better than other teachers. Instead, you can share ideas with your colleagues so that all of you can create more suitable classrooms.

Pursue Professional Development

Many schools offer opportunities in professional development to help you to enhance your teaching career. These sessions might assist you in crafting lessons that are tailored to a larger audience or in learning how to understand your students better. Some schools may even offer paid opportunities for professional development. Also, consider looking outside of your school for such opportunities. For example, local community colleges might offer continuing education classes related to your career over the summer.

Obtain an Additional Degree

You might find that you wish you had stronger skills when it comes to special education, or you may discover that you are better suited to teaching higher grades than you currently are. Furthermore, you may also want to return to school to pursue a graduate degree. Maybe you have decided that a doctoral degree in your field would be the right fit for you. Pursuing another degree can help you to obtain skills and to have fresh perspectives. Another benefit of an additional degree is that you may have the opportunity to earn a higher level of compensation. In fact, your school might even have a program that pays for you to earn this degree. In the event that you teach at a college, find out if tuition remission is available.

Teach Abroad

When you really want to gain new perspectives, think about teaching abroad. For example, English teaching jobs in Thailand for foreigners can help you to meet students from other parts of the world and to develop skills that you otherwise would not have had. Teaching abroad can change your perspectives on life. You might enjoy these experiences so much that you decide to move to the new country or stay longer than you had originally planned.


Improving your skills as a teacher is so important. When you take the time to improve yourself, you are also helping your students to have a better experience. As any good teacher knows, providing the students with an optimal experience is pivotal.