Facts of writing an academic essay


The first thing you should do, when you want to write an academic essay, is to choose the subject you want to practice on. Then you have to try to say something different, examine some ideas and hopefully say something new. It is to write a text of reflection on a certain subject.

The essay is a relatively brief writing, it can be three, four, five, six … ten pages or a little more; on its extension there are no definitive agreements more than to say that it is a short or brief writing, product of an exercise that implies to obtain information to present it, its analysis, certain deepening, its synthesis and, especially the appreciation that the essayist expresses of particular way in front of her.

Where are the tests born or occurred?

Essay topics usually result from the academic or intellectual concerns, doubts, and gaps in knowledge that some academics have with a new or old subject of knowledge. Usually it is not a matter of thinking about what I am going to investigate to write an essay but the concern for the subject is something that arises from one or several questions for a certain subject and that does not need a great and exhaustive investigation to arrive at know or inquire about what you have in doubt, or what you want others to see, read and that you researched and compiled.

In the academic world come the rehearsals of teachers’ suggestions, discussions in the classrooms, proposed topics, mutual or collective doubts…

In an essay honesty and own ideas are of great value, so disagreeing with some idea of the information collected is an approach that should be included. You can take help of a college essay writing company to develop your academic essay writing skill.

A Simple Order Proposal

The issue to be addressed may consist of three main parts: the problem statement, the arguments or the support, and the conclusions or results. The title and bibliography are important but may be independent of the body of the essay.

Title. It is a statement that heading of the text and serves as a pretext to indicate, guide or bypass the central theme of the essay. It may be known in advance what the title of the essay may be, but usually, it is the last thing that is agreed upon in the results obtained in the research of information and reflections.

The approach of the issue or the problem. In the approach of the subject or the problem, a small introduction is made, that in one or two paragraphs say what the subject is, without needing to argue.

The test structure would be incomplete without the presence of the problem, therefore, it is advisable to present it directly and simply and accurately. Now, if your writing is based on the deepening of a certain problem, it must be exposed or openly delimited; it must indicate what it is about, whether it is a discovery, a comparison, to prove something, to refute an idea or hypothesis, to propose a new conjecture, or simply to examine some observations made on the subject in question. It is not enough to warn that the problem always has to make reference to the subject treated.

Support or Arguments. The absence of arguments runs counter to the nature of the essay; support is then supported in information, explanations, comparisons, examples, observations, cases, and in all kinds of justifications that allow the writer either to check or to reject the proposition studied, the methods used and the strategies used in this study; also give body and validity to the test data and descriptions, explanation and interpretation of the data obtained. The justification must consider the facts or circumstances pertinent to the topic under consideration.


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