Essential Tools For The Garden And The Gardener


Our garden is our passion. If you are here, reading what I love sharing, it is because you also share this passion for gardening and -of course- the previous statement. It is very difficult to choose only a handful of things that I could label as “wonderful” in my garden, everything seduces me, even the setbacks.

Of course, there are always problems. However, the triumphs, no matter how small, are the first things I want to share and I feel fortunate to be able to do so in this space. What have I thought to share today?

Specifically, what I call my best ideas for garden tools in terms of working trends harmonizing them with my tastes, needs and -very especially- possibilities, both of space and economic resources.

Essential Garden Tools, You Can’t Avoid!

Weeding Hoe

You will not always be able to use the shovel or hoe, the smaller grounds like pots or sherds require a more appropriate tool to avoid hurting the roots. For these cases there is the hoe; Perfect for removing the surface crust from the soil and aerating it, is also very useful for making the holes you will need for direct planting and for transplanting.

It allows us to extract the plants from their original place without damaging the roots and placing them gently in the place of new destination where we will now cultivate it.


Separating compost from coarse particles that do not yet fully decompose, can be a simpler task than you think when done in the right way. Do not wait the full five months for your compost to be ready, go slowly separating what you will use and your plants will stay nourished.


If you have a medium-sized vegetable garden, you will quickly notice that on a workday you must make many trips from here to there and load a good amount of weight in each one of them.

Listen to the voice of the experience so you do not spend work: Buy a wheelbarrow. With it you will be able to transport the compost much easier, in fact, it is perfect to remove it correctly and to use the sieve. You can also transplant with greater efficiency, making a single trip and thus you will tireless.

Watering cans, cane makers, and buckets

Mixtures of homemade preparations to fertilize, combat pests or those we use to strengthen our plants; should not be taken lightly. Do not use a container today to pour a fumigant if tomorrow that same container will be the one containing the irrigation fertilizer.

Identify each container, keep it in a cool place out of the reach of your children and always, but always; Work in an orderly manner. The life of your plants depends on you.


It is true that they are not a tool but they are very important when performing all the tasks in our garden or garden. Make sure they are tight enough so they do not slip out of your hand and allow you freedom of movement to manipulate the tools. Roses have thorns and believe me, they hurt when they prick.

There are other utensils such as the rule used to measure the distance between seeds at the time of planting to grow well, the hairpin, machete or sickle. My recommendation is to start with these basics and then, as you gain experience, continue to invest in equipment to maintain your garden.

You can also choose best chainsaws for garden works when your plants need to pruning or limbing. The tools are great for firewood as winter is near.

I hope you succeed in sowing and harvesting all those vegetables, fruits and vegetables that you love so much; Harvesting is like hunting or fishing for food. Nothing better than knowing that you do not depend on a supermarket to be able to feed you healthily and as you like try it, build your garden!


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