Brain Stroke Guide – Symptoms, Warning Signs and Treatment


Brain stroke is a very severe condition, as it is life-threatening. A brain stroke can be either because of the bleeding in the brain or the head. Or either it can be because of the reduction of the blood flow or blockage of the blood flow in the brain. Most of the cases of brain stroke are because of the blockage of the blood flow. In both the cases, the cells of the brain can die or can stop working. Due to this, the patient gets affected as one may lose vision, speech, memory, or muscle strength also. In the worst cases of a brain stroke, a person may also become fully disable or the patient may die as well.

But with the help of proper care, treatment, and prevention, one may be able to fully recover also. So, let’s know all the details about brain stroke.

Some warning signs and symptoms of brain stroke

It is good to be aware of brain stroke symptoms, as it can help a lot in saving one’s life. Here are some of the symptoms of brain stroke:

  • Trouble in understanding the language
  • Difficulty in speech
  • Problem in coordination
  • Loss of balance
  • The problem in sight (It can be from one eye or from both).
  • Feeling weakness in the leg, or arms or face
  • Feeling numbness in face, or legs or arms (mostly one side)
  • Feeling confused
  • Dizziness
  • A headache without any particular reason.
  • Problem in walking

Risk Factors related to Brain Stroke

There are several risk factors related to brain stroke, which may increase your problem of brain stroke.

  • Mostly, the older people or those more than 55 years of age have chances of brain stroke.
  • According to the research, the people of African American origin are more prone to brain stroke.
  • A person suffering from diabetes, blood pressure, and high cholesterol problem.
  • Person suffering of any of the cardiovascular diseases like heart defects, heart failure, etc.
  • If we look gender wise, then men have more chances of brain stroke than women.
  • Use of illegal drugs and taking an excess of alcohol can also lead to brain stroke.

Treatment of Brain Stroke

The treatment for brain stroke should be done immediately so that it does not damage the brain any further. One should go to the best neurosurgeon in Delhi for brain stroke treatment.

  • Initially, in a non-bleeding stroke, a drug for clot-busting should be given to the patient within 2 to 3 hours.
  • Drugs like antiplatelet and anticoagulants, etc. are required for thinning the blood.

In case, if the brain stroke is caused by the bleeding, the treatment differs.

  • For keeping the normal blood clotting, the medications may be required.
  • With the help of coil, surgeons may block the vessels which are bleeding.
  • Broken blood vessels are treated by doing surgery.
  • To prevent the swelling in the brain, drugs may be given by the doctor.
  • Also, surgeons may conduct surgery to take out the blood from the brain. Moreover, the treatment completely depends on the patient’s situation and which can be known only once the doctors will diagnose the patient.


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