10 trivia facts you didn’t know about the manga “Mr. Sazae”


I am a huge fan of japanize anime and manga. I am always looking for the best manga to read. I”n this post I will give you 10 trivia details you didn’t know about the great manga “Mr. Sazae”

■ 1, ED theme “Looking at the big sky ~” is the second lyrics

Prelude of the characteristic rhythm and singing that the white clouds came “If you look at the big sky” is too famous ED theme “Sazae family”. It is from No. 2 that is used for animation, because the first lyrics “do not open the window of the second floor, the light of the morning came in,” because it does not mesh with the Isono family built in a flat shop. By the way, the voice of each family is blown into the full version of the song by Ed lib. 

■ 2, Isoo bonito’s first voice actor = “Doraemon” Oyama NobuyoThe eldest son of the Isono · voice actor of bonito has been in charge of Mr. Tominaga for over 20 years since May 1998. This Tominaga is the third generation, Kazuya Takahashi who is also known as the leading character of the “Tetsujin 28”, Shotaro Kaneda etc. in the second generation. And the first generation was between October 1969 and January 1970, but Oyama Nobuyo who served as Doraemon for 26 years until 2005 was. 

■ 3, “Tazo no Sazae” was broadcasted until about 22 years ago. Speaking of “Sazae-san” is the impression of closing Sunday, but if it is over a certain age, even in the rebroadcasting frame “Manga masterpiece theater Saizae” broadcast on Tuesday from April 1975 to March 1996 You should be familiar. Unlike just rebroadcasting, the original one was used for OP and ED, and there were four kids each. 

■ 4, Mr. Sazae and Masuo were picked up as former material even at Super Speed Marriage Nissin Cup Noodle ‘s “HUNGRY DAYS Sazae Hen ” from “Open Opposition”, but the familiarity of Mr. Sazae and Masuo It was “open matchmaking”. 

In the original, although the underground cafeteria of Fukuoka’s department store “Iwataya” became a companion place, the interior of the cafeteria was lunchtime and it was crowded. However, the people who heard it gave up their seat and the situation became circumstances of the people, so Mr. Sazae who got bad was baptized as “getting through early.” Masuo also made his face red and raise his hand “I am sick”, which seems to be a marvelous speed marriage.

■ 6, Noriske graduated from Tokyo University! Around high school level of Isono family Speaking of “school neta” of “Sazae-san”, you will find episodes of regular homework skipjack of summer vacation, episodes of Ronoku Ronoku, neighborhood neighbors student. Although it tends to be pulled by such images, in the setting, the characters around Isono family are highly educated. Mr. Masuo graduated from Waseda with Mr. Masuo, with Noriske as a graduate from the University of Tokyo, graduating from Kyoto University. Others Ms. Konoko graduated from Kyoto University, Subchan was a graduate of Hitotsubashi University, Mr. Isazaka seems to have graduated from Waseda. Azalea girls’ school, which is a graduate school of Mr. Sazae, gives off an intense and distinctive appearance. 

■ 7, Mr. Sazae is a reporter for the original · publishing company Currently he is a 24-year-old full-time housewife Sazae, but after graduating from high school, he was a publisher. He worked as a reporter for “Hello Inc.” and also became a woman police as “a woman policeman’s experience interview”. In addition, he also experienced housekeeper and assistant of detective office, and in recent years as an anime, he is a department store girl in 2013 and a supermarket clerk in 2015. 

■ 8, Horairasu is “TTK (Tokyo Metropolitan Confrontation = Takaku Association)” Speaking of Kohei Hairi, hair that is left only at the top of the head is a trademark, after washing it is carefully dried with a hair dryer I have no choice but to keep it. That should be that Mr. Hiraira in the original is a director of “Tokyo Metropolitan Association = Takaku Association”. Although the content of the activity is enveloped in a mystery, the conscience to a bald head = bald head is easy to imagine from the name of the party. In addition, Norihira seems to have a name in addition to “Hypertension Friendship Association”, “Association to Protect Losing Courtesy”, “Nonbili Association” and so on. 

■ 9, “Janken” after the next notice is an alternative to “mouth catch” Following the next notice at the end of the weekly broadcasting, the scissors performed by Mr. Sazae along with the lines of “Janken, Ken, Pon! Ufufufu” is an important annual event of the program. I think that there are also many people who are losing their game, but this is the one that started this fall in the fall of 1991. Before that it was content that “catch food on the mouth and catch it with a mouth”, but there is a circumstance that it pointed out that it is dangerous to imitate Mr. Sazae who seemed to clog the throat and changed it. 

■ 10, “Sazae-san Janken Institute” Existing “Swallow catch” has been switched from the above, since 1991 Sazae’s “Janken”. There is a thing called “Sazae Janken Research Institute” that records the history academically and continues to challenge the game. According to the official website of the meeting, Mr. Sazae’s “hands” are decided by the person in charge of video editing of production company Aiken with “personal idea”. Using the prediction method such as “Last two previous law”, it seems that 2018 is two consecutive wins with January 7 and January 14. The manga has wan of the best anime Neko girl character. 


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