Why does Hotmail suck?


This all started when I got some e-mail from some dumbass AOL user concerning my other site, Tourist of Death. Well, the fucktard didn’t seem to take too kindly to that, and decided to be a little dickhead and go snitch on me to Yahoo mail, and then e-mails me that he has done so.

Well, I didn’t care. I didn’t think Hotmail would give a rat’s ass about some AOL luser who is crying to them because someone told him to punch himself in the balls. I immediately fired off an e-mail to Hotmail customer support asking them why my account was turned off. Some guy named Rommel B. from Hotmail emails me back saying I violated the TOU. That is it. No further explanation.

I fire off another email, asking them to specify in detail what exactly I violated in the TOU. I shortly get another email, this time from a guy named Lotis D., telling me the exact same thing as Rommel did, that I violated the TOU. (It seems to be a template email they use to answer all account-violation inquiries.) No further explanation was given.

Really pissed off, I fired off a 3rd e-mail, the text of which follows

No, I do not understand at all. You make no explanation why you take it away. I am willing to pay money to get this account back or at least the emails contained in it. This is the 3rd time I have nicely emailed about my account. Can I please have my account back? What’s the difference if you give me this account back or I go sign up for a new one? I am still using Hotmail. So why can’t I just have my account back? And you are telling me you take people accounts away:

1) with no warning so they can’t get important emails out

2) with absolutely no explanation?

I find this extremely disturbing, and if I had known you’d take my account away with no warning or explanation, I never would have signed up for Hotmail in the first place. After all, what would be the point?

I wish that my request gets forwarded to your superior for further review. I simply cannot afford to lose the information I had stored in that account.

Thank you,

Tourist Of Death

Pleasant enough, right? Hotmail response? You guessed it, the same form mail I received the previous two times from yet another person, Divino C. (This also got me wondering what ass-backward country Hotmail uses for customer service with names like Rommel, Divino, and Lotis.) Well now I was really mad, so I e-mailed this final e-mail:

please tell me what I did to deserve having my account along with hundreds of dollars in software keys and account passwords were taken away from me. I have started an email campaign to get my account back and I will not desist until my account is reactivated or I get all emails that were stored in my account forwarded to my email address

I also forward along the conversations I had with the AOL luser so they could review and exactly tell me where I violated the TOU. I never got a reply to that one.

Then, I started an e-mail campaign on my website, Tourist Of Death, to get my account back and got a lot of positive feedback from people who thought it was just as fucked up as I did, and who was kind enough to fire off an e-mail to Hotmail customer service in my defense. Nothing has come of the campaign, and after 2 years I have given up. But I left the campaign page up for people to see.

Thanks to their indifference and “you-get-what-you-pay-for” attitude, Hotmail has no one to thank for this site but themselves. If they just simply answered my e-mails honestly and told me why this site would never have been built.


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