Virudh aahar- Against diet

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Diet is essential one; it provides required nutrients to the body, thereby nourishing the human body. The nutrient from this diet is required to carry on the metabolic process and digestion process in our body. In Ayurveda food is classified into 3 types they are Satvic or spiritual quality, Rajasic or active quality, Tasmic or material quality. The food what we eat it affects our mind says Ayurveda. In our mind and soul, the energy is enriched through Satvic food, Rajasic food makes a man be in a material world. Devilish streak in a person is found through Tasmic food.

What are the attributes of food?

  • Varna(colour and complex)
  • Prasada(pleasure)
  • Sukham( comfort and health)
  • Santusti(satisfaction)
  • Pusti(nourishment)
  • Pratibha(skill)
  • Medha(intellect)
  • Bala (strength and immunity)

Our digestive fire is termed as Agni and this Agni only determines how well our food get’s digested. That is digestion is good or bad in our human system is determined by the Agni. The combination of food should be correct, if it is incorrect then that may lead to indigestion. At the same time period, many foods are eaten that have different tastes and energy, when the combination of such foods results in the overload of Agni. That may further lead to the production of toxins in the body, but if your diet is loaded with one type food that has good digestive power when ingested, it helps to enhance the Agni and that will help to burn foods naturally and also eliminate those deadly toxins from our body.

Through sheer experience, the food other property called prabhava can be noted. There is certain food which seems to be the causative factor for the occurrence of disease in our human body they are sugar, colas, and fats these food substances are the acid producing foods and they increase the acid residuals in the body thereby leading to certain digestive disorders. When the digestion not in a proper mode that may lead to the occurrence of disease in our human system. Also, it is well clearly mentioned in Ayurveda that improper combination of several foods or against diet in our digestive system could cause several disorders like flatulence, indigestion, and fermentation. When the intake of such foods continues throughout that may further lead to toxemia and diseased state in the human body.

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When the combined foods of several types are taken in, it will get neutralized at sometimes that may be due to;

  1. When the incompatibility is little.
  2. Strong immunity power is found on the ingested person.
  3. The person remains in the younger stage.
  4. If he does regular exercise or workout without forgetting daily.

These factors can neutralize that incompatibility in our digestive system and stay away from diseased condition naturally.

There is the certain principle for food combination, you should follow it, these basic principles and rules would help you out in healthy digestion and free from diseases says ayurvedic concepts.

Some against diet foods or virudh aahar are-

  • In hot season curd not to be taken, especially in hot form ( kadhi, tadka in raita, curds on vegetables).
  • In night times curd must be avoided in diet, you can take in the form of buttermilk, but curd will be heavier for digestion. Curd can be taken in lunchtimes. Curd has acidic property, thereby increasing the kappa and pitta in our body. Thus causes heat production on our stomach. These curds will be heavy in night times and for digestion, it may happen very slowly and sometimes it would cause constipation, so those have low digestion power should avoid taking curd in the night, it is best to take in buttermilk form always.
  • Try to have separately the sweet fruit and sour fruit, never combine it, which would cause incompatibility on our stomach leading to indigestion.
  • Chicken to be avoided by taking with milk, the same rule goes well for fish too even sprouted grains and sesame need to be had separately, not along with chicken or fish. That can cause severe digestive ailments in the stomach.
  • Cold drinks should be avoided during or after meals, by taking so that would lower the Agni in our body, causing digestive issues.
  • Honey should not be cooked, because that will make honey to non-homogenize glue form and that may further block the digestive tract and toxins will be produced too much in our body, so never cook honey.
  • The raw foods to be eaten separately and cooked foods to be eaten separately, first start with a salad as your starter than have some gap afterward have your dinner.
  • Avoid taking milk and melons together combinable. Since that affect the digestion and causes digestive disorders in the human body.

I hope the above-furnished information will definitely be useful to everyone who goes through it. Thanks for taking time to read out my article, after reading out please share it with your groups in social media, since sharing is like caring.

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