The 3 R’s of Water Pollution


What could be the three Rs in discussing water pollution? It’s not run, run, and run. No, you cannot turn away and run from the reality that the environment is dying, and it’s all up to the human race to save it. Climate change is real, and it’s coming for everyone – you, your family, your nation, and the whole world. Maybe you won’t get to see it, but after generations, no water would be available to quench the thirst of the human population. 

However, it’s not too late. You can still stop on your tracks and turn back. Reach out your hand. Invest a little time. Maybe the key to saving the Earth lies inside you. Perhaps, it starts with your small initiative at home or a great course of action like using machinery that improves water quality available at companies like Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment. Here are the three Rs that can help save the seas and oceans. Who knows, you may even put the fourth R – redeem yourself.


It’s easy to be uninterested in this topic because people usually do not directly experience the impact of water pollution. You can afford potable water. Your warm bath is always available. Admittedly, with how busy everyone is, it’s easy to bury this matter at the back of your mind. It’s precisely this kind of attitude that made us sink this deep into this issue.

Not known to a lot of people, some nations are suffering from not having sanitised water available for drinking. Water is an essential and fundamental good, but not everyone has it. Reinvolve yourself for the sake of humanity or for the generations to come. You could do it for the Earth and your loved ones. 


Some people do not have the patience to delve into the scientific aspect of water pollution. There are many terminologies, such as groundwater, surface water, point source, nonpoint source, etc. Admittedly, the use of statistics is also intimidating. 

However, to neglect this issue wouldn’t be justified, especially now that you live in a world where technology allows information to be just a click away. Various verified sites contain technical explanations on what water pollution is and how it happens. Some websites also use simple wordings, so the jargon wouldn’t be too hard for the reader to understand. Not only that, a lot of information on how you can do some things to help alleviate the impact of the conflict. It may seem like leaving that plastic straw on the counter of fast-food chains is too small and unrelated to significant issues like this. However, that isn’t the matter when you see turtles struggling to breathe because a piece of straw was lodged in its airways.


Now that you’re informed, it’s your duty to educate others as well. Community efforts create a much greater impact than personal initiatives. It is simple. Social media is available for you to use as a platform to raise these issues. Online petitions are also relevant because they help collate a community’s sentiments or even a whole nation. Consolidated statements like this usually result in adding extra pressure to those in power to do something, anything. You may also request for donations online and give the collection to organisations involved. When you speak up, you’re helping the matter to stay significant and not be forgotten. Who knows? You may even convince concerned parties to provide available machinery in the market that improves water quality like those in Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment. 

It may seem like an impossible task. You may not be even alive by the time this crisis is solved. Yet, what matters is you are part of that history of success and salvation. Be involved. Read up. Raise your voice and your fist. Redeem yourself.