Powerball Lottery Ticket Worth $200K (Rs. 1.43 Crore) Sold By Clearfield County’s Convenience Store


Are you a lottery buff, too? Do you love to place your bets on high staked lotteries? If the answer for both the questions is in the affirmative, then this article is definitely for you.

You won’t believe it but here is the news: a Clearfield County’s clearance store recently sold a lottery ticket worth $200K.

The Pennsylvania Lottery Powerball with Power Play ticket was in consonance with one red Powerball and four of the total of five white balls drawn.

However, until now, the winners haven’t claimed their tickets. For your information, winners have a period of one year within which they can claim their prizes. This period starts from the day the prizes were declared. A person in possession of the winning ticket has to contact the lottery office and show the ticket that has his signatures at the back of it.

Unbelievably, more than over 30,000 tickets won prizes of varying amounts in the draw in which more than around 7,700 tickets had been purchased using Power Play.

For those of you wondering what exactly is a Power Play, let us tell you more about it. Once the Powerball draw has been carried out, a different Power Play number is drawn. Each person who has chosen to use Power Play and has even won a prize sees that his standard prize has been multiplied by the number that is drawn from the Power Play. The Power Play option is used by people to multiply their winnings if their luck favors them. However, such options do not apply when it comes to jackpot winnings. 

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