Poor Exam Results: Who to blame teacher or student?


Exam time is an annoying and struggling time for every student. It does not matter whether the student is in high-school or college; exams infuriate all of them equally. Students start stressing out and missing on sleep when exams are approaching and even though it affects their health, there is no other way. However, when the results still turn out to be bad, it feels like that the hard work went to vain. Well, we don’t know whether the student did work hard or not.

Many students blame their teachers for their poor results and on the other hand, many students don’t put in as much effort in their studies as they should to ace the results. Who to blame in such controversial situation? Following are different situations discussed according to the responsible person.

Students are to be blamed

In the following situations, the only person responsible for bad grades is the student.

Incomplete preparation

Many times the students don’t prepare for their exams properly due to multiple reasons like procrastination throughout the time of studying and being careless about their studies. During the term or semester, students procrastinate a lot or waste their precious time hanging out and partying with classmates and friends. They waste all the free time when they could easily study and prepare for assessments and exams in the end of the semester. In many cases, students are also just careless about their exams and don’t really care about the results and grades. That leads them to getting bad grades and results. In such situation, the only person responsible for poor grades is the student here.

Poor attempt at exam

Many times the students get in a rush when the paper comes in front of them. This makes them attempt the paper poorly and the requirements of the exams are not properly fulfilled. Sometimes there is a specific word count mentioned for the questions and the students don’t pay attention to it. They either overdo it or underdo it. Similarly the context of answers can be ruined a lot of times. In such situations the blame is to be on the students.

Lack of understanding

Many times the students fail to understand a specific chapter, course, or topic. It is their responsibility to ask the teacher and clear out their confusions. If they don’t ask the teacher would never know if the student is getting stuck at any point. The students can also ask for help from any professional assignment writing service UAE as there are academic experts who assist students in every sort of query and therefore, getting help in academics has become much easier.

Teachers are to be blamed

In the following cases, teachers are at fault for poor grades of students.

Not being cooperative and helpful

If a student is facing in any topic or course and he comes to the teacher for clearing out their confusions, it is the job of the teacher to help them solve their queries and fully understand the said topic. If the teacher is uncooperative and turns the student away and then the student gets poor results, the teacher is at fault here because they are supposed to help the students in trouble.

Poor grading on personal agendas

Many times teachers are unprofessional and develop personal grudges with the students and then use them, as an excuse of poor grading of exams. No matter how excellently the student attempts the paper, they give them poor grades simply as revenge. Even though it is highly unprofessional and unethical, these cases do exist in the society. In such cases of students getting poor results, the teachers are responsible.

Skip classes

Often teachers don’t take their job duties strictly and continue to skip classes. They cancel classes for irrelevant reasons even if the students are showing up. Skipping classes majorly affect the completion of curriculum and coursework which then affects the grades and results of the students. In such cases, the teachers are to be blamed Poor exam results could be heartbreaking most of the times. Discussed above are some of the cases which explain who is to be blamed for the poor results, whether the teacher or the student.


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