Life is a Race


The purpose of this article is to explain, how people are leading their day to day Life.

After a bad or wonderful night of a person, life ends and begins with a beautiful morning, the race of the life begins every person starts thinking what is the first thing I should do, should I brush, watch a Television, take a drive, or tea..etc.

After one of these things are over, there is an immediate action for next set of things as though a new law of Newton discovery going on early morning :).Now you can see the race has begun from a person, either from home, office or any part of the place in this world and it spreads with such an unimaginable speed.

Nature gets pulled into the race forcefully to protect the nature created by the almighty. There starts a race between human and nature, which we all know is a never-ending story, but knowing all this the race still continues

There are three types of the persons in this race.

The first person who catches the full speed along with nature, we can tell him brave and wise but he still is not benefited as expected by him as I said the earlier human cannot win over nature. So he does not stop this he takes up a challenge to continue the race of life for the next day and so on there goes the race again and again.

The second one who simply stays original and he is the most intelligent person as he knows the real meaning of the life and sticks to what his regular work, no matter whatever the life of race is going on parallel whoever is part of this race. He simply keeps cool and happy with whatever is content with and in fact the benefits the more in all aspects.

The last type of the person I would like to describe is the one who falls in the middle in the race of life who ends up getting nothing, which leads to mental illness, stress, anger, High BP and takes up all these with family creating his own family issues.

The first and third person doesn’t give up and start the race next day again and keeps continuing spoiling the saying ‘Try and Try and till you succeed’.

You may be wondering why I included the original person as the second person where normally you might have thought I must have described n the end, my friends there is a reason for this, the third type of person comes back to original in the end after achieving nothing and this is how I believe nature controls human.

In this article I have expressed my thoughts about three different kinds of people, I don’t have to tell you who is happier, obviously the original person because he does what he wants to, irrespective of what others think or do.

To conclude now it is your choice what which type of person you want to be.I know this is not easy to change overnight, but it’s not difficult also if you try.