Everything Beginners Need to Know About Shipping from China to the UK


Without certain important information, you won’t carry out shipping from China to UK without problems. That is why we have taken the time to gather the tips which will help you move goods from China to the UK as smoothly as possible.

  • Don’t fall for mouth-watering offers

If it is too good to be true, chances are it probably is, so when you get offers that are way cheaper than others, it is time to pause and change your mind about buying from that source.

A lot of importers, especially those who are new to the business, have fallen victim to such cases, so as you try to look for the best company that offers you reasonable fees, don’t get carried away by those who just want to use the cheap prices as a way to scam you of your hard earned money, you will be disappointed when your goods arrive in the UK.

  • Order samples of your goods before the main shipment

This is to avoid getting the unpleasant shock when your shipment arrives in the UK, get samples from China first before you go into doing business with them fully.

It is true that samples are not a 100% guarantee that your goods will be great, since some suppliers just use it as bait, but it is always good to get samples and emphasize what you want before you enter into business.

  • Take note of UK taxes and duties

You just can’t help it, the UK duties require you to spend extra money, and what’s bad about this is that you really can’t predict the exact amount you will be spending until you look up the different ratings for your different items.

After paying your duties, the extra spending is not over yet because UK taxes are also waiting. It is good you have it in mind that when it comes to UK taxes, the total VAT you will pay is around 20% of your total spending altogether. Be prepared.

  • Be nice to your supplier

You may not know this, but Chinese value relationships during business and they have strong values you shouldn’t be insensitive to.

Don’t try to trick your Chinese supplier, don’t be rude to them. Just focus on maintaining a nice relationship with them and it will go a long way in ensuring you are viewed in a positive light, which always gets you the best quality of products.

  • Only work with the best

Don’t settle for mediocre service, no matter how cheap their prices are. To get the best service, it is only natural that you should choose the companies who are reputed to deliver such.

From your shipping company to your Chinese suppliers, make sure that you chose the best set of people to work it. If you have found a good company and are having doubts, you can always consult people who have done business with them before. Online reviews are also useful when it comes to vetting a company.