Do you think choosing a hair transplant is really a rational decision?


Hair transplant in India has earned its place among the most reliable hair restoration treatments. It is considered as the most effective treatment to get natural, undetectable, and long-lasting results for hair restoration but have you ever think upon its limitations?

Do you really have given a thought whether your decision for taking hair transplant is right or not?

Let us try to answer the above questions and clarify your some doubts about having the hair transplant in Punjab.

Re-check your after- expectations

Well, satisfaction after the treatment comes only if the treatment has met our all expectations so rationality of your decision about hair transplant also depends on your expectations for the treatment. If you have the realistic expectations from this surgical restoration then you are a good candidate for the hair transplant surgery.

For example, we must understand that hair transplant can restore the finite number of hair grafts during the surgery as per depending on the supply and availability of the donor’s hair but if any person has requirement beyond the availability of donor area then hair transplant surgery cannot give him satisfactory results.

Availability of the donor area

As discussed above that hair transplantation can restore a finite number of grafts as per availability of the donor area means if the patient is not having the donor follicles then he cannot become an ideal candidate for the surgery. Surgeons choose the loss resistant follicles from the denser areas of the back head so if the patient is not having loss resistant follicles or not having enough density of hair then this treatment is not possible. However, these days body hair transplant is possible in which body hair can be transplanted on the scalp but only if the body hair is having an exact match with the scalp hair.

Scalp laxity

Scalp laxity also matters a lot for the successful results of the hair transplant surgery means if the patient has larger laxity then FUT treatment can be recommended and the follicles can easily be removed from the scalp, in simple words if the patient is having more loose skin of scalp then more grafts can be extracted easily so patient can have the desired number of graft restoration during surgery.


If you are having the patience to wait for the results then you are the right candidate for the hair transplant surgery then your decision about taking this surgery is very right. After8-9 months after the surgery patient could have the proper noticeable growth in the transplanted hair so the patient must have some patience to wait for the growth of new hair.


While planning for the hair transplant surgery, it is important to keep in mind about your budget as one time cost for the hair transplant surgery can be higher so it is important to be prepared for paying the money and to arrange the funds accordingly. If you got the sufficient funds for the surgery then your decision for taking the hair transplant surgery is right and rational.


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