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Shopping is something the millennial generation takes very seriously and always wants to get informed. With the advent of window shopping, we are more digitally equipped and look forward to buying things online. So, before that people tend to look at various reviews to find out which website is best for the particular product. There are many review websites available and it is very difficult to find out which one counts the best. We have come up with a list of categories to sort out the best review websites.

Why Business Seeks for Customer Reviews?

There are two major reasons because of which business, be it small scale or large scale always seeks customer reviews. The negative online reviews give your company the scope to improve the operation. Companies will understand their pitfalls and will work accordingly to improve that area. If there is negative feedback, the team will talk with the customer and asks for the areas which they want to get improved. These top review sites will highlight specific areas and give feedback on specific issues. This will steer the customer service team to get more inclined with the customer which will generate lesser feedback and enhance customer retention.

The other aspect of online reviews includes engaging those feedbacks with potential customers to enhance customer engagement. During the time of the lead acquisition, positive reviews can be utilized. This is because the majority of the customers will buy the product after reading the reviews from the review sites. Therefore, rather than become complacent always ensure how a company is doing to get more customers and featuring as one of the top review sites.

How Business Review Does the Makeover or the Branding of the Organization?

If you want to popularize our brand and build your identity in this growing world of digitization, then the customer feedback is important. It helps you to showcase the business and enhances the brand name. The top-notch review sites play a major role in this regard. Suppose, if the people after jumping on to the top review sites get to know your business, he/she will definitely chance upon your products. This will increase the organic traffic to your website. After purchasing the product. he/she will use it and if the product meets her purpose, he/she will tell her friends. These review websites will increase the brand value of the organization in front of the larger audience. 

Reviews of Top 10 Websites


This is a  review platform for sharing stories, case studies, novels, articles, as well as interviews. It provides online reviews of several contents such as Food, Finance, Business Health, Science, Technology, Philosophy, etc. Also, it collects data from various sources and builds a trust score. The rating gives you a clear idea of whether is safe to browse. You will get a review of various books of several genres in such review websites.


If you like traveling and want to explore the nooks and corners of the wold, then TripAdvisor being one of the best review websites will help you out in this regard. You will get all the details like airfare cost, rental listings, travel guides, etc if you navigate to the website. It is overloaded with almost 225 million online reviews, photos, opinions, etc taken by travelers. Through this online review platform, you will get the details of the information on some of the exotic tourist spots. TripAdvisor has occupied a top place in the listing so that people upon searching the information will find it in the listing.


This review platform aims in updating the reviews on a daily basis as per the requirement of the business. The team works to analyze various products, review features, as well as functionality. Professionals will get in touch with common people who use their products and list their reviews or feedback on the website. This is one of the best review sites that help commoners with the updated information on a regular basis.

Better Business Review ( BBB)

This is one of the best review sites having almost 6.15 million traffic. It helps to get customers and work to promote various businesses, brand names, as well as charities. On the basis of the rating, BBB helps in educating consumers and assists people It safeguards the consumers from getting indulged into fraudulent activities. The company profile of such best review websites comes with an abridged description of the company’s bio and it also lists various complaints raised on several businesses.


This is one of the rising review sites meant for mainly B2B businesses with almost 2,20,000 visitors every month. The assimilation of the users visiting their websites are reviewed via Linkedin to ensure authentication so that only actual users share their feedback. The reviews are based on a thorough survey that requires an in-depth analysis. In order to match the perspective of the user, every review comes with a detailed analysis built by the B2B experts. Being, one of the best review websites, it checks on various parameters such as integration, features, mobile responsiveness, etc.

G2 Crowd

If you like to sell software, you will like to have an online presence in the top review websites like the G2 platform. This has almost 300,000 reviews which help in making powerful decisions of buying. The entire work takes place like Yelp, However, it works on a different niche. Company reviews are rated on a scale and reviews cover all the important points like setup, easy access to security, support, etc. 


This is almost similar to G2. It is one of the best online review sites for software businesses. Reviewers are taken as per the Linkedin authentication. Therefore, it features only those actual feedback about the particular piece of software after authentication. These online reviews will add trust to someone who is new to the website. You can use this site to navigate various company websites and examine to find out the comparison between the two review websites. You can analyze the features, pricing, as well as comments.


This is one of the best review websites for the B2B platform that mainly aims in providing servicemen with perfect software and products. It carries out the analysis using various features such as Reliability, Quality, and Ability. These metrics are changed into authentic feedback through various parameters such as customer review, experienced professionals, market intrusion, serviceability, etc. After this, the companies are listed on the basis of the cumulative points featured on the top review websites.


If you are into the SaaS business, Capterra is a good review platform that gives you a review of the various software sold by B2B and B2C companies. This is one of the best search engines that help users to look for software-based companies on the basis of certain parameters such as company, industry, and the type of software. It gives the entire list of companies with the use of relevant keywords you search for. This is one of the top review sites that comes with a summary featuring all the product attributes.


In the world of technology, the software is very important that helps in flourishing the business in this growing world. In this review platform, you will find various software on the basis of brand management, market research, accounting software, bug tracking software, etc. Being, one of the top review sites, the reviews are available with all the latest features along with ratings.

Wrapping Things Up

The entire list gives you thorough information of the best review sites. So, go through the article once to know every bit of it. After very diligent research, we have come up with the list. So, if you re thinking of launching your own website, then you have to include s section for reviews snd testimonials. However, if you have any suggestions about the review websites, provide that in the comment box.


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