Advantages Of Hydraulic Bursting


Hydraulic bursting is also known as concrete bursting. It is the safest and the most efficient way of dealing with large concrete structures. The hydraulic bursting method is becoming a popular method of dealing with dangerous and lengthy demolition tasks. It offers great advantages over traditional methods of breaking up concrete.

Functioning Of Concrete Bursting

In the process of hydraulic bursting, small holes are drilled into the concrete surface with the help of diamond drill bits. Further hydraulic bursters are pushed into space and then, slowly expanded. The process of inserting the hydraulic bursters puts an immense pressure on the structure. As a result, the concrete cracks and breaks into smaller, and easier to handle pieces.

Uses Of Hydraulic Bursting

Hydraulic bursting is used in a wide range of settings on concretes of various thicknesses and strengths. Hydraulic bursting offers great benefits for concrete masses over other methods of demolition.

Concrete bursting is used for walls, floors, foundations, pillars, beams, dams, bridges, and nuclear power stations. Also, it produces best outputs against concrete, brickwork, and natural stone.

Benefits Of Hydraulic Bursting

Let us take a look at some of the essential benefits hydraulic bursting offers for larger concrete settings.

Noise Pollution Is Reduced

When you deal with concrete cutting, it is bound to produce a big noise pollution in the surrounding areas. But, when you use the hydraulic bursting method, automatically the noise pollution is reduced. It is because the whole process of concrete bursting is virtually silent, and it makes an ideal solution for areas, noise is restricted.

Vibration Is Reduced

Hydraulic bursting is an effective technique that involves a very little drilling. So, it reduces the risk of contracting a vibration related injury. Usually, workers are highly prone to get injured while doing this job. But, concrete bursting makes the entire process much comfortable and safer for the team on the job.

Makes The Process Dust Free

Hydraulic bursting is comparatively a gentle method of demolition than dynamite and blasting. As this method is non-percussive, it produces no dust, making this technique the cleanest one. It involves minimal cleanup at the site.

Immensely Beneficial For Large Structures

When we talk about concrete cutting for large structures, even the most advanced tools can struggle in the process. However, the hydraulic bursting method makes handling the problem much simpler by decreasing the structure into manageable chunks. As a result, this bursting technique is quite effective on large concrete structures.

Extremely Good For Confined Spaces

Many times, a project may require a controlled and delicate approach. It means that heavy equipment or a strong approach is not suitable. In this case, hydraulic bursting proves to be a great method to meet your needs. It is a low-hassle approach and is perfectly ideal for use in confined spaces. Moreover, the equipment is easy to manoeuvre and causes little disruption.

Ideal For Removing Large Concrete Structures

Irrespective of the thickness or strength of your concrete structure, hydraulic bursting proves ideal for cutting it into small chunks, which are further easier and comfortable to handle. Further, the process allows you to remove these pieces with ease, which means that concrete bursting is ideal for applications like walls, floors, foundations, bearers, and other structures.

Uses Multiple Power Options

The concrete bursting tool/equipment can be run on electric, diesel, or petrol. Therefore, we can say that it can run on multiple power sources.


Apart from the advantages mentioned above, hydraulic bursting is not an expensive method. So, it will cost less on the pockets of businessmen and contractors.

From the benefits mentioned above, it is clear that hydraulic or concrete bursting is the ideal technique for dealing with large and sturdy concrete structures.


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