5 Unbeatable UX Tips to Design Best Mobile Apps


Designing mobile UX is one of the trendy topics because smartphone segments are growing faster these days. When it comes to developing mobile apps, the UX must be taken care of as a top priority. An app will perform well or not that depends on how the user-interface of the app is.

This is the 21st century where technological advancement is currently staying on its peak form. Apps are getting an inaugural part of everyday life. The demand is high and this leads to an exponential increase in smartphone app development.

If you are a mobile app developer then taking care of the UX must be your first priority to deliver a great app to the audience. Every digital marketing company in India is following the attractive UX app designing to attract more and more clients.

What is UX

User Experience is basically abbreviated as UX. An app developer must take care of the interface, look and feel of the apps. At first, the apps must contain a great user-interface (UI) so that the users have a great time using the app. The experience of using the app can be defined as UX.

The higher the UX is, the smoother it will be for users. As a result, your developed app will be considered as one of the great designed UX apps.

Here are the top 5 best mobile apps UX tip to design a great mobile app.

  • Personalization

Before you go to the personalization option, make sure you think from the user’s perspective. Each and every user is different and you need to track the user’s preferences carefully. Still, it is not possible for you to design the app differently for every user.

So, you have to develop the app by remembering the demand for a high target audience. Make sure the purpose justifies the target audience. This is how you will catch a big chunk of the market. You need to make the UX more effective for the users.

Customization is something that is preferred by almost every user. This is one of the best features where the app designing development becomes able to make more business. Make sure to provide more personalization options in UX settings.

It may look like giving all the developers options to the users but in reality, it will just be some customizable options that you will be provided to the users. Users like an app which they can change accordingly. This will eliminate the monotony of any app. Users will enjoy it using more time.

  • Must be fit for all screen sizes

Screen size fitting comes under app UX design. The more you can implement it successfully, the more it will be an unbeatable app UX design.

There are several devices available these days and the display size is not the same in every device. So, develop a UX in a way like it will be fit for every device. The perfect fit for every screen size implementation is a top priority.

Even make sure to make the app UX ready for mobile as well as desktop platforms. Photos, texts, documents, CTA (Call to Action) buttons must be fit properly in large screens as well as on small screens. Not only the fitting to every screen size. The UX of the app must be designed in a way so that user can reopen the app after some time where they left off.

If you are really into app UX development then the app screen size fit for all must be a priority of you.

  • Frequent updates on a daily basis

If you are developing an app then it must be your top priority to put hard-effort more on giving frequent updates. Updates are everything of any smartphone app. You can fix several things via updates like – bugs can be fixed, security patches can be provided, and other issues can be solved.

These updates lead to having an established experience with the users. That means there will be no lag, no sloppiness. As a result, updates provide stability. Stability improves UX.

So, make sure to develop a mobile app UX were pushing further updates will be highly flexible. From the developer’s side, it must not take a huge effort to provide updates in proper time.

It is possible that you have developed a UX initially and launched the app. Then you think of new ideas to implement on the app. In that case, the UX design will be a big concern. The more flexible it is, the more it will be helpful to send frequent updates.

  • Battery drainage

A smartphone depends heavily on battery. Sometimes it’s even more that it will become hard to get a proper screen on time. Though Google has shown the world that screen color and screen brightness are the biggest issues behind battery drain but the contribution of several apps can’t be denied.

An app consumes a lot of battery. Google showcased a study some years ago that a user has 36 apps installed on their smartphones on average. If every app eats some portion of battery life then think about the battery disaster at the end of the day!

That is why you need to design the UX of an app in a way where it becomes very battery-friendly. A battery-friendly app UX always has a huge demand in the market. If you really want to design an unbeatable app UX design then you must focus on how to make it battery-friendly.

  • Simplification is the key

The cleaner an app UX is, the more it will be unbeatable by the competition. Let’s take an example. There are many custom Android skins available in the software segment. But still, most of the users prefer the stock android in the world. Why so? Because it is the cleaner UI of all. It provides pure Android experience with high stability.

In the case of app UX design, you need to take care of the simplicity too. the more an app will be simple, the more users will like to use it. As UX is the backbone of developing an app so, you need to focus on how to make the UX simple. Because only a simple UX will make the entire app experience simple.

Designing the app UX simple doesn’t mean you need to compromise on features. Make sure you can enable all the app features efficiently and yet make the UX design simplistic. As a developer, it will be a real challenge for you.

As app development is becoming the key part of every digital marketing company in India, making an app with an unbeatable UX design will be totally a worthy one. UX designing is something a next-level process and the demand is very high now.

Here are the top 5 best UX tips for mobile apps. App development is not so easy process and it gets even more complicated when it comes to designing the UX. If you can remember a few things while designing the UX then it will be just a matter of time to come up with a great app UX.

Follow the tips and design a great UX. Best of luck!


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