3 lessons you should learn before starting your content marketing journey


The world of content marketing gets its fuel through engagement and once you start getting it, this world becomes inescapable. You may have the best team in the world to provide the impeccable services or your product is of the top shelve quality but without engaging your audience through your marketing activities, you are not going to tell them about your product potential.

That is why for every service or product, starting a thorough content marketing journey and engaging buyers through each step of your journey. For this, you either have to buy real Twitter followers or some free lessons from the content marketing professionals.

In the next lines of this article, I am going to tell you three lessons that you should learn before starting your content marketing journey.

Set your objectives first

Being a marketer you have to decide in which direction you want to take your marketing activities. You have to set your objectives first before initiating any campaigns. As a content marketerClassyetech.com, your primary objective is to get engaged on whatever content you are producing. For this, you have to define the meaning and parameters of success for you. Publishing your content on the right website would be enough to get some engagement but if your parameters are different or your expectations are high, then this amount of engagement would not be count as success. For this, you have to draft a strategy or campaigns which are as big as your objectives. For more engagement, you are going to required better strategy and better marketing activities.

Think beyond your social channels

You may have thousands of likes on your Facebook profiles or nearly the same followers on Twitter too or you have also shown interest in buying Instagram followers too. But these likes and followers are nothing but the luxury for you. There are much more beyond your social channels which are vulnerable to all the engagement and objectives you are looking for. To go beyond your social media channels, you have to open your content too. You have to use the highly impactful and high-resolution images which are much more influential and attention-grabbing than the text and content only. You also have to make your posts and content shareable. For this, you have to keep your sharing buttons always prominent and would have to create content which can be digestible for every type of audience.

Encourage them to engage

Facebook, U-Tube, Linked-In, Twitter, Blogs, and Web sites are all forms of social media. Go beyond the like and use a variety of social media to entertain, educate, and most importantly, engage your audience, and encourage them to adopt the FNPS mission.

In the days when everyone is producing some sort of content and internet is getting stuffed with numerous blogs, article, and content marketing platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia you have to find a way to encourage your readers or viewers to get engaged too. There are many ways through which you can encourage them. You can also ask them to leave their comment at the end of your comment or leave an open-ended question for them so they can answer and allow you to start a new conversation there. But most of all, your content should be enough interesting that viewer would not hesitate to comment at the end of it.